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Chapter - 16


Gurudasa was as qualified as his father. He passed in all the examination up to M.A. with special distinction in Calcutta University. In order to employ some learned persons as Deputy Megistrates the Government asked for the names of some learned persons from the administrators of Calcutta University. The name of Gurudasa was included among the names that the administrators sent to the government. Thereafter the government appointed Gurudasa in the post of a Deputy Magistrate. He carefully learned the activities of a Deputy Magistrate for some time. When the senior government officials saw that he was very expert in the activities of a magistrate they entrusted the responsibility of a Sub Divisional Magistrate on him. After taking over the responsibility of the Sub Divisional Magistrate he attracted the faith and respect of everyone in the act of justice. He always tried to improve the standard of people living in his jurisdiction. He was very eager in the act of chastising the miscreants who disturb peace in the society. Due to his good administration the number of thieves and miscreants were gradually diminished. He was very respectful to the qualified honest persons. Whenever he visited other sub division he tried to improve the standard of people living in those sub divisions. He regularly gave monetary help to the poor and fallen people. He personally helped the orphans and widows as per his capacity and induced other rich people to help them. All his donations however were given secretly. He was very particular about it. Actually whenever he visited any other sub division, the people of that Sub division respected and praised him. The senior government officials sufficiently praised his good administration and his activities of justice. They gradually promoted him to the higher posts.


Jivadasa entered into Calcutta Medical College and began to study with special care. Soon the teachers realized his quality of geniousness. He was naturally an intelligent, an expert in medical science. At that time no other student made as much progress as him in the various departments of medical science. The teachers boldly praised him. He stood first in the M.B. examination. Understanding his special qualifications the administrators appointed him as the Superintendent of a Hospital. In this job he obtained so much experience regarding Medical practice. At this time he was preparing for the M.D. examination. Soon he passed in that examination with honor. Thereafter he left his job as the Superintendent of a Hospital and began his own Medical Profession. Calcutta was his center of activities. He was very kind-hearted person. Taking advantage of his kindness people often bereft him from his fees. But Jivadasa never became angry or unhappy about this. His aim was to help others, earning money was not his main purpose. Whether one is poor or rich he never treated any body with carelessness. By the quality of his treatment and honesty soon he became very famous.


So far Jivadasa did not get married. Devadasa was always partial to the good qualities. Beauty is good but it is not effective as far as the activities are concerned. Whether the daughter of a pious intelligent person was beautiful or not, Devadasa gave more preference to her then the daughters of other people. At the time of selecting the girl he would specially find out if the girl or her parents had any chronic disease. He found a girl for his son as per his liking. The marriage of Jivadasa with Sushila the eldest daughter of Harishchandra Basu a resident of Simulia in Calcutta was duly completed. Just as her name was Sushila or well-behaved She had good qualities befitting her name. In the marriage of Jivadasa, Devadasa did not demand any thing from the girls father rather he clearly told him that whatever expenditure was within his reach he should do, otherwise he will feel very unhappy. Harishbabu was a sadhaka vaishnava. He felt distress on seeing others suffering and was always ready to help others. He had a medical store at Bada Bazar Calcutta. He earned sufficient money from this shop. He properly thought his eldest son Ramachandra to run the shop. Ramachandra was a learned humble and intelligent man. He ran the shop with hard labor and fame. Whenever Harishbabu received any opportunity he helped his son, but most of the time he spent on cultivation of God consciousness and performing welfare activities. Soon Harishbabu and Devadasa became good friends. In their free times they often sat together and discussed religious topics.


As the days passed although the grief for Krishnapriya caused much distress to Suhasini. But the urge of that grief diminished a great deal. Devadasa was always concerned to establish peace in the heart of Suhasini. Who can shower the cool water of peace in the burning heart other than a bona fide spiritual master? Only a bona fide spiritual master is able to bring peace. Devadasa’s gurudev had a desire to come to Calcutta. One day Devadasa received news from Kashi that his Gurudev was coming to Calcutta by train. Tomorrow morning he will reach Howrah station. In this ecstasy that he will have darshana of his guru maharaj Devadasa became overwhelmed and the next morning he went to Howrah station in the bullock cart to bring his Gurudev. Devadasa was a high government official. He was very familiar with many Britishers. Many people who worked at Howrah station knew him. Therefore when he approached the railway platform, no one forbade him. He waited at the platform for the train to arrive. Gradually the train came and halted in that platform where he was standing. The ticket collectors opened the doors of the compartment and allowed the passengers to alight only after checking their tickets. After a while Devadasa saw his Gurudev. Gurudev could not see Devadasa. As he was walking through the platform Devadasa came before him and offered his obeisances. He took the dust from his Gurudeva’s feet on his head and stood up. Gurudev became ecstatic on seeing Devadasa. He embraced him to his chest for a while as tears of love flowed down from their eyes. Some passengers were still alighting. They were struck with wonder on seeing their behavior. Thereafter Gurudev inquired about Devadasa’s well-being and came and sat down together in the bullock cart.


Gurudev arrived at the house of Devadasa. All the servants immediately swung into action. One by one Jivadasa, Gurudasa, and Jnanedranarayana offered their obeisances by falling at the feet of the Gurudev and took dust from his feet on their heads. Suhasini offered her obeisances to Gurudev by placing a cloth around her neck. Gurudev showered his blessings upon everyone. Gurudev did not know anyone except Devadasa, so Devadasa introduced everyone one by one. Gurudev comfortably sat down on an asana. On seeing his peaceful grave looking and pleasing form everyone felt a wonderful ecstasy in their mind. It appeared that a forceful current of ecstasy washed their minds away. It appeared that their minds were spontaneously ran towards him with a desire to attain peace. He began to converse with everyone with a smiling face. His words were very sweet, and they check one’s heart from being overcome by any lamentation. Devadasa began to serve him personally like a menial servant. He never agreed to entrust the responsibility of his Gurudevs service to either his sons, son-in-law, or wife. Gurudev was very pleased by the service and care of Devadasa. Thereafter Gurudev took his bath and down in the deity room of Devadasa to worship the Lord. Then Devadasa fed him with great care and devotion. He then put his gurudev to rest on a comfortable couch and personally began to massage his feet. When gurudev fell asleep he came back and completed his bathing and eating. Everyone became amazed by seeing Devadasa’s such care devotion and service to his guru. The day gurudev arrived Devadasa did not go to office. When gurudev woke up he saw that Devadasa was sitting under his feet as if waiting to carry out the order of his guru. On that day Devadasa did not engage in any activity other then serving his gurudev. This service to the spiritual master was his that days quota of worshiping the Supreme Lord. On that day he did not get any time to meet with his friends and wel wishers. Gurudev was situated within his heart. His gurudev was totally controlled by his devotion, faith, and extraordinary service. A current of love flowed in the hearts of both gurudev and Devadasa. The disciple’s love defeated the love of the gurudev. Tears of love flowed down from both of their eyes.


On the second day Devadasa again began to serve his gurudev. Devadasa never even thought for a movement that he was not attending the office, and it may harm him. He was constantly eager to make his gurudev happy. Gurudev knew everything about Devadasa. Gurudev decided that Devadasa should go to office otherwise he will incur some loss. So when he instructed Devadasa to go to office, Devadasa humbly said to him, “O father! It is better to miss office than being bereft of the happiness of your service.” Gurudev replied for the benefit of Devadasa. “My dear son, you carry on with your office work as usual, otherwise I will not be pleased.” So Devadasa reluctantly entrusted the responsibility of his Gurudev’s service upon his wife and sons and regularly went to the office on time. Apart from as long as he remained in the office rest of the time he personally engaged in the service of his gurudev.


One day Devadasa’s wife two sons and the son-in-law approached the gurudev and begged for peace bringing initiation. Realizing their mental condition gurudev spoke to them in a sweet voice, “All of you are my relatives because you all are related to Devadasa. Therefore I have nothing to hide from you. Let your prayers be successful.” Thereafter following in the footsteps of Devadasa they too engaged in the service of Gurudev. Being pleased by their service, gurudev awarded initiation to all of them one by one. Needless to say that after receiving initiation their hearts filled with ecstasy.


After the initiation Suhasini’s mind began to proceed on the path of peace. Now she realized that sons, daughter and husband are all temporary. Only the blissful Lord is eternal and He is the only shelter of the living entities in their birth and death. He is the bestower of living entities peace and auspiciousness. Living entities can not exist without Him.


Gurudev stayed at the house of Devadasa for one month and thought various processes of sadhana to his disciples. By the influence of sadhana everyone’s mind became steady. According to the degree of their sadhana the disciples felt the proportion of happiness. Thereafter he took leave of his disciples and returned to the abode of Kashi. Due to his separation the disciples felt extremely distressed in their mind.