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Chapter - 15


It is extremely essential to mention the incidents that took place between Devadasa’s return from Kashi and Krishnapriya’s leaving this world. In due course of time Devadasa’ eldest son, Gurudasa, passed his M.A. examination. As he was genious so was he handsome. The youngest son of Devadasa, Jivadasa, passed the entrance examination with special distinction. According to the example set by the parents both the sons were humble and well-behaved. Jivadasa felt great unhappiness on seeing others distress. He never failed to remove the distress of others as far as his ability permits. Just as he became distressed on seeing others distress, he became happy on seeing others happiness. He desired auspiciousness for everyone. Whenever he got some money from his parents he would spend it for helping poor and suffering people. In some circumstances he did not hesitate to give away his own clothes. Knowing their sons such good qualities the parents became extremely happy in their minds. Whenever the son requested any thing from them they gave him according to their capacity. Realizing that if he masters the medical science he can help many people, hence he took admission in the Calcutta Medical College.


At this time many proposals for Gurudasa’s marriage started pouring in. The match makers continue to disturb Devadasa in this regard. Devadasa hated to demand money in the marriage. Therefore match makers would not mention about money during their conversation. Knowing Devadasa’s desire they presented marriage proposals to him by saying that the parents of the girl are very pious. Any how after careful consideration Devadasa fixed the marriage of Gurudasa with the daughter of one of his childhood friend. The financial condition of his childhood friend was not very sound. He maintained his family by an ordinary job. He was pious, humble and honest. Devadasa and his friend would often meet in the evening and spend time in discussing various topics. The name of his friends daughter was Pavitrata Sundari. From her childhood she loved Devadasa and addressed him as Paternal Uncle. Devadasa was specially attracted to the girl for her good qualities rather then her beauty. He already told his friend that he should not take any loan for her marriage and should only spend which is easily accessible to him. By the gentle behavior of Devadasa his friend became very pleased. First of all the condition of the friend was very ordinary more ever his daughter was matured enough to get her married. Therefore there was no end to his friends worries. Being compassionate to him the Supreme Lord who is the friend of poor arranged a suitable groom for his daughter. On an auspicious day and time Gurudasa married Pavitrata Sundari. Those who knew about Devadasa’s such great characteristics were compelled to respect him due to his honest character. Every action of Devadasa was exemplary to the society. In order to benefit ordinary human beings the more the Supreme Lord will create people like Devadasa in the inauspicious society the more the society will be advanced. Personal examples are more effective then the instructions.


After the marriage, both the bride and bridegroom came to Devadasa’s house. Devadasa and his wife lived happily with their new daughter-in-law. Suhasini gave various presentations to her daughter-in-law. She loved her and showed her great affection. Soon the daughter-in-law became extremely obedient to her father-in-law and mother-in-law. Any how after spending some time at the house of the father-in-law she returned to her father’s house.


After his son’s marriage was properly completed, Devadasa could engage his mind in the cultivation of Krishna consciousness for some time. During the day he remained absorbed in the office work and family duties. He regularly returned home from the office at 5.30 p.m. After washing his hands, feet, and mouth, he would take rest for a while. Then he would take some snack. Thereafter he would sit inside a room on the third floor of his house and properly engage in the activities of Krishna consciousness. That room was very solitary. Therefore it was particularly favorable for such activities. He regularly cultivated Krishna consciousness up until 10.30 to 11.00 at night. Thereafter he would eat and go to bed. He would get up from bed at 4 O’clock in the morning and after completing his morning duties he would engage in spiritual cultivation till 6 O’clock in the morning. After 6 he would regularly take a morning walk for half an hour. After the morning walk he would take some rest and then engage in mind in various office and house work. After 9.30 he would take bath, eat, and leave for his office at 10.30.


Even if the human beings are not able to engage in the cultivation of Krishna consciousness most of the time in the course of their family life yet if they can direct their attention towards the Supreme Lord then as a result of this their minds are focused on the Supreme Lord even while their minds are engaged in household activities. One who can maintain his family through the activities approved by the scripture while remaining in the grhasta asrama and give up sinful activities just like poison, he is a great yogi though he is situated in the family life. There are so many types of obstacles and dangers, so many types of temptations and so many types of inimical activities in this world; who can be more powerful than one who can easily defeat these activities and travel on the path of religion? Or who can be more self-controlled by him ? Such a great personality is steady and undisturbed. He is actually inclined towards the Supreme Lord. While remaining in the grihasthashrama like a hero in this way Devadasa traveled on the path of his goal.


At this time Devadasa received the news of Krishnapriya’s dreaded disease. The readers already know fate of Krishnapriya’s disease. Due to separation from Krishnapriya, Suhasini became extremely afflicted with grief. She stopped eating and sleeping and loudly cried day and night while describing the good qualities of her daughter. Her maidservants looked after her in such a situation. Both Gurudasa and Jivadasa constantly remained with their mother and tried to solace her. Keeping Suhasini in this condition Devadasa once more went to the house of Dhananjaya Babu. However he did not stay there long time. After discussing with Yogendra Babu about a few topics he returned home.


After hearing Devadasa’s calamity his friends came to his house. What to speak of solacing him they were struck with wonder on seeing his sound mental condition. Devadasa continued to work in the same way as he has been doing. In the course of their conversation with Devadasa none of his friends realized any change of his mind.


Meanwhile some how or other Devadasa’s spiritual master heard about his calamity. The letter he wrote to Devadasa was very beneficial and instructive for everyone. Since the letter of the spiritual master was worth mentioning we are presenting it as follows:




The prosperous Shriman Devadasa Dutta,


Accept my blessings and greetings of all the devotees.


My dear son your dear daughter has gone to the spiritual world. Every family man becomes over whelmed in such a calamity. You must have tried hard to save your daughter. But still you could not save her. Her life and death was pre arranged by the supreme will of the creator of the universe. Therefore it is the duty of the Lord’s devotees to act according to the desire of the Supreme Lord who is the well-wisher of everyone. The Lord is most merciful; he knows best what is good and auspicious for the living entities. He is the most intelligent and the benefactor of all. The living entities do not know the most confidential cause of His supreme will. It is completely in proper for the devotees of the Lord to become unhappy by His actions. Becoming unhappy means to attribute faults in His action. As a result one incurs sin. Do the living entities belong to Him or belong to the parents and relatives of this material world? The parents are only the secondary cause of the living entities. Who nourished that child? Who decorated him with knowledge and intelligence? Who created the machines that hold the entire body? Just think carefully. A child is not born simply by the will of the parents. It is the effect of the great protency of the Supreme Lord. If the Lord takes away his living entity then why should a person lament or feel sorry. This lamentation and sorrow are due to the living entities attachment. You were desiring many things from your children and when that children is separated from you all your desires are uprooted. Why do you desire for some thing which does not belong to you? Why are you so attached? O human beings! You should take shelter of knowledge and sense of discrimination. Think carefully about this matter and do not become overwhelmed with lamentation.


O my dear son! I know you have become strong by the strength of your Sadhana. You have become capable of defeating lamentation and illusion. My blessings are with you for ever. If I get an opportunity I will come to your house. I know your mental condition. Your perfection is my special concern.


Your ever well-wisher