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Chapter - 13


After hearing everything from the stranger old man Devadasa clearly understood how important it is to take shelter of a bona fide spiritual master. He became very happy by the good fortune of the stranger old man and thanked him profusely. In the course of his conversation with him Devadasa learned many more things regarding the spiritual master. He then said to him, “O mahasaya! I have a great desire to meet with your gurudev. I will be greatly benefited if you can let me know after asking him that when can I see him so that I would not cause him any inconvenience. It is not proper to meet a saintly person at any time we wish.” The stranger old man offered respect to Devadasa and left.


After the old man left Devadasa began to contemplate about his wonderful change. “Whatever I have heard is certainly wonderful. Now I have remembered the old man’s sinful activities. He was extremely cruel and merciless; he was found of committing sinful activities. His behavior was cunning. But today I have seen the appearance of love of god in his heart. Unless one’s heart is pure and sanctified love of god can not manifest there. How simple and sweet were his words. I have understood that his heart has become like a jewel by the touch of a touch stone in the form of association of a saintly person. The instructions, examples and the lives of the saintly persons are just like blazing fire. No sinful activities can stand in front of this fire, as such they become burnt to ashes. The stranger old man is the prime example of how even a sinful person becomes fortunate by the association of saintly persons. O oldman! You have addressed me as the original guru. By seeing your example my heart has become eager to obtain the association of the saintly persons. This determination that I must associate with saintly person is born today from your example. Any one who helps to obtain the association of the saintly person is a guru. Now I have realized that you are my original guru. I think due to my good fortune today you had come to my house. The way you have influenced my mind to obtain the association of the saintly person for my benefit, I will never forget that favor. Your words are still echoing within my heart. You were lying down under a tree alone swearing that you will give up your life if you do not achieve the association of the saintly persons and spiritual master. Can an ordinary human being understand your hearts desire? The spiritual master is certainly an extra ordinary person, He is the Supersoul and an indirect seer. He is the protector of the living entities. His lotus feet are my shelter and the means of deliverance. O human beings today see the good fortune of a person who was infamous with various faults like stealing ! He has been able to attain the shelter of a bona fide spiritual masters lotus feet. He was once hated by everyone as a sinful person. But now he has no more sinful propensities. Associate with him once and see how purified and simple-hearted he has become. He is no more an abominable person rather his association is extremely desirable. While contemplating in this way Devadasa became very hasitated. As soon as one gets an opportunity one should associate with the spiritual master and the saintly persons. I think I have made a mistake by expressing my desire to meet with the spiritual master when he is free. It is the duty of the saintly person to act for the benefit of the living entities. If one waits for the opportunity and if the opportunity does not come then it is certainly inauspicious. The spiritual master is a liberated person, he is always ready to act for the benefit of the living entities. Where is the question of his time or no time? What an offence I have committed. Why did not I go with the old man then. What should I do now where can I go. I have not even taken the address of the spiritual masters residence by mistake. I did not notice from which way the old man came and in which way he left. Has my intelligence become polluted? It is extremely rare for the living entities to meet the saintly persons and the spiritual master. Although I had received an opportunity I lost it due to negligence. Who is more unfortunate then me? I have caused my own ruination. I have no means of deliverance except the shelter of his lotus feet. O gurudeva! You are the super soul and an indirect seer. You are certainly realizing the pains of my heart, Please protect me. After speaking in this way Devadasa forgot himself and began to cry. At that time all his activities were just like a mad man.


Devadasa did not eat or speak with anyone at night. Although The repentance that was piercing his heart was painful nevertheless it was pleasing. He did not engaged in any other activities except the repenting. His mental condition was such that it was proper for him to maintain the fire of repentance in his heart. A camel chews thorns and as a result his upper and lower gums start to bleed. Although the blood oozes continuously still the Camel closes his eyes and feels the pleasure of chewing the thorn. Only a person who is put into the situation like Devadasa can realize this. Devadasa gave up eating and sleeping and shed tears whole night due to the distress of not being able to meet the spiritual master. At the end of the night however he fell asleep. The servants quietly opened the door and windows of his room.


Meanwhile, the spiritual master received the news of Devadasa from the old man. In the next morning he took the old man with him and arrived at the house of Devadasa. After inquiring from the servant he and the old man came right in front of Devadasa. He touched Devadasa’s body and said, “O Devadasa! Wake up, you no longer need to repent.” Devadasa woke up from his sleep and saw a peaceful personality standing before him. His eyes were broad, steady, and innocent. He had no hairs in the front portion of his head. White beard and moustache have increased the beauty of his face. He body was tall and fair. Happiness was always blooming from his face. He was dressed in white clothes. On seeing his extraordinary sweetness, Devadasa was struck with wonder. Behind his back the stranger old man was standing. After seeing the stranger old man Devadasa understood everything. For whom he was lamenting so far is now standing before him. Devadasa then offered his respectful obeisances to him and took the dust from his feet on his head. Thereafter with great eagerness he offered them two asanas to sit down. The spiritual master sat down on the asana. The old man was still standing. Devadasa also offered due respect to the old man. When the old man requested Devadasa to give him an asana to sit behind the spiritual master, Devadasa obliged. By the order of the spiritual master the old man then sat down.


After they sat down comfortably Devadasa informed the spiritual master about his offenses and begged for the forgiveness of his offenses. This spiritual master said, “My dear son your offense is very insignificant and that has already been burnt to ashes by your own repentance. Therefore there is no need to feel sorry or distressed.” Thereafter Devadasa happily said, “O my Lord! Even if a human being leads a pious life and carefully walk about in the field of family life still he falls in the wheel of material existence and suffers various miseries. O gurudev! What is the method for getting freedom from these miseries? I have already received the proof of your great power. By your mercy a cruel merciless heart has become like a soft flower and is expertly engaged in the service of the Supreme Lord. O my Lord! Will you not shower your mercy upon this fallen soul? Will you not deliver this fallen soul by removing all miseries from his heart and sowing the seed of loving devotional service to the Lord. O gurudev! You are the manifestation of the Supreme Lord, you are the super soul; you have certainly understood the distressed condition of my heart. Now please make some arrangement for my deliverance. This fallen soul has surrendered unto you.” By the humility and proper etiquette of Devadasa the spiritual master became very happy and said to him, ‘ My dear son there is no cause for your further lamentation and distress. You are naturally a pious person. On the strength of the piety accumulated in your previous lives. You have made a great deal of advancement on the path of spiritual life. Now your heart is hankering for receiving initiation. The time is right for you. I will give you initiation today. If you offer your mind and life in the cultivation of Krishna consciousness according to the process instructed by me, then you no longer have to suffer the miseries of material existence. You will constantly float in the ocean of bliss and drink the nectar of ecstasy. O my son! Come with me to my residence. That place if very secluded, I will give you initiation there. Today you will achieve the highest treasury.” Being assured by the words of the spiritual master Devadasa immediately followed him to his house. The stranger old man also accompanied them.


Today Devadasa will take initiation only a person who has taken initiation from a bona fide spiritual master knows what is the meaning of initiation. In the course of his conversation with gurudev Devadasa’s heart has become purified and cleared. By the order of the Gurudev he went and took bath in the Ganges. When he returned his gurudev gave him new cloth and chaddar to wear. After wearing those clothes he sat down on an asana next to the gurudev. The gurudev duly gave him initiation. After receiving initiation Devadasa’s heart became filled with unprecedented bliss, tears of love flowed down from his eyes. He was tossed up and down by the waves of ecstasy and took him away from the feeling of this world. He completely forgot himself. After enjoying ecstasy in this way for some time Devadasa realized that an wonderful personification of ecstasy is manifested in his heart. The smile of that personality is showering nectar on all directions. Devadasa began to serve that sweet form. As a result the waves of ecstasy again began to increase. After enjoying ecstasy in this way for a while Devadasa gradually regained his external consciousness. Gradually his ecstasy began to diminish. Finally only the feelings of such ecstasy remained within his heart. Devadasa opened his eyes; Either by his such feelings or by any other reason he found that the same ecstatic form is present in each and every object in this world. Any how this mood of Devadasa did not last long. When that mood disappeared he became extremely morose and began to cry before his spiritual master. His spiritual master assured him and said, ‘ My dear son by the strength of the piety accumulated in your previous life today you have perceived that ecstatic form in your heart. Only a few fortunate souls have been able to perceive this form. O son! I will gradually teach you the processes of sadhana. If you engage your mind in thinking of the Lord without deviation according to this process then you will be able to see this form simply at your will.’ Devadasa lived with his guru for one month and mastered all the processes of sadhana one by one. His heart became extremely greedy to serve the Supreme Lord.


It is the duty of every human being to take shelter of a bona fide spiritual master in order to piously maintain his family life. Whatever religious duties that are current in this world are certainly preached by the saintly persons. The saintly persons also attain the darshana of the blissful form of the Lord on the strength of their sadhana and prolong austerity under the guidance of their respective gurus. Therefore they certainly know the means of attaining the darshana of that blissful Lord. O human beings! Unless you surrender to that saintly person how will you know those means. Whatever knowledge is there in this world there are teacher to teach them. Without teacher one cannot learn them. The person who has thought you to read the book is your guru. And the person who has written various instructions in the book is also a guru. Actually whatever we learn from any body he is the guru. Whatever objects machineries and industries that have been invented in this world, the inventors have learnt the basic knowledge of those inventions from their respective teachers and then by the strength of their geniousness, sadhana and prolong thought they have become successful in their inventions. If a teacher mercifully teaches some one his newly discovered truths which he has acquired on the strength of his geniousness and prolong thought then one can easily learn them. He does not need to perform sadhana or take to prolong thought like the teacher. If the spiritual master bestows mercy on his disciple then the disciple can obtain the fruits of his gurus sadhana and thought. It is also not true that every person is capable of achieving the goal of life on the strength of his sadhana and thought. Therefore unless one surrenders unto the spiritual master and becomes qualified to obtain his mercy, the spiritual master does not wish to give the treasury of his sadhana to any one else. Moreover the spiritual master sees who can show proper respect to this treasury.


A guru is able to mercifully teach his disciple regarding spiritual subject matter up to the point that he himself advanced to. Therefore if a person on the strength of his piety takes shelter of such a spiritual master who constantly sees the ecstatic form of the Supreme Lord in his heart. Then by his mercy such a person can also get darshana of that ecstatic form of the Lord. If by the mercy of your guru you obtain that spiritual bliss, if material happiness and distress can not effect you in any way then just imagine how you will have to live with your guru? You must fully surrender unto him. Even of you give everything that you possess to your guru still you will not be able to repay the debts of his favor. If one takes shelter of a guru who can not help his disciples make spiritual advancement then there is no hope for obtaining any result. The aim of the human beings is to make spiritual advancement. Therefore what is the use of accepting a guru for the sake of formality, fashion, and request? Once own endeavor and the mercy of the bona fide spiritual master are the criteria for making spiritual advancement. After living with his guru for one month in this way Devadasa took his permission to return to Calcutta. After making proper arrangements for his mothers, uncles, father-in-laws and aunts stay at Kashi Devadasa offered his respectful obeisances to them and left for Calcutta.