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Chapter - 10


The thoughts of Devadasa are full of emotion and love for the living entities. Whatever Devadasa did came from his great thoughts. His wife fully supported him in all his activities. She considered the good qualities as the ornaments of the women. She never asked her husband to give her opulent clothes or ornaments. She dressed very simply. In fact she did not care to dress opulently. Although Devadasa was receiving one thousand rupees as monthly salary yet she personally cooked everything and obtained great happiness by satisfying everyone. She was simply interested in the well-being of her husband. To work according to the desire of the husband is actually the service to the husband - this was her conviction and goal. She did not think it as labor that were required to obtain this goal. The living entities are endeavoring so much, trying so hard facing many difficulties and laboring hard in order to worship the Supreme Lord. She thought that since my husband is my Lord and worshipable therefore to act according to his desire is my real service to my husband, and if I serve my husband in this way it will be my worship to the Supreme Lord. Then the Supreme Lord certainly bestow mercy on me. If in the course of acting according to the desire of my husband I have to tolerate miseries and labor hard, still it is my utmost duty. Otherwise I cannot properly serve my husband. My husbands happiness is my happiness and my husbands prosperity is my prosperity. If she made her husband happy she became happy. As a mother takes care of her children she also took care of the guests; moreover whoever has enjoyed her service even once he has become overwhelmed. All her relatives and friends servants and maidservants were totally controlled by her service and good qualities. It is extremely rare to find such a combination of a husband and a wife in this world.


Gradually Devadasa begot two sons and a daughter in the womb of Suhasini. The name of his elder son was Gurudasa, the younger son was Jivadasa, and the daughter was Krishnapriya. Both sons and daughter inherited the characteristics of their parents. They were all simple, humble, merciful, and always had a smiling faces. Both the sons were handsome, intelligent, and genious. The daughter was very much affectionate to the parents. In due course of time Devadasa appointed a qualified, learned, good charactered teacher with sufficient salary in order to teach his sons and daughter. He suggested the teacher to teach in the same method that he himself was thought by his father. One should narrate various stories to the students in simple language so that the students can develop an attachment for learning and good character. The children by nature are found of hearing stories. Taking advantage of this fact one will have to prepare their minds. If an intelligent teacher can once prepare the mind of his students then his hard labor of teaching will be greatly diminished and the students also will try to learn themselves. This process bears fruit in the long run.


Gurudasa passed his entrance examination at the age of sixteen. In his exam he received the first-class scholarship. Thereafter in his first arts examination also he passed with special distinction. Since he received highest marks in English and Mathematics, he received three scholarships in total. Meanwhile Devadasa began to search a groom for the marriage of his daughter, Krishnapriya. In Calcutta there lived a rich man named Dhananjaya Basu. His son Jnanedranarayana passed his B.A. examination and was studying law in order to take up the profession of an advocate. He was well-behaved and humble. If one considers from all angles then he was certainly a qualified groom. After receiving the news of this groom one day Devadasa went to the house of Dhananjaya Babu. Devadasa already received from various places and through reliable sources the good news regarding the financial condition of Dhananjaya Babu and the good nature of his son. Some people had also informed Devadasa that in spite of Dhananjaya Babu’s good financial condition, he was miserly and mean. In the course of his talk with Dhananjaya Babu regarding his daughter’s marriage Devadasa realized that whatever he had heard about Dhananjaya Babu was correct. Finally it was decided that the Dhananjaya Babu and his family members will first see the bride. If they like the bride, then Dhananjaya Babu will decide about other subject matters. Therefore when Devadasa asked when will Dhananjaya Babu will come to see his daughter, Dhananjaya Babu after careful consideration fixed up a date.


Dhananjaya Babu’s wife also imitated her husbands qualities of miserliness and meanness. After Devadasa left, he said to his wife, “Devadasa Babu is working as a high government official; if we want to arrange the marriage of Jnanendra with his daughter, then we will have to twist him a bit. Otherwise we will not get much money. Many respectable persons may request me on behalf of Devadasa. But I will put them off by saying that you are not interested. Our relatives such as Yogendra and Shivababu support Devadasa Babu. If according to my statement they plead with you, do not cut down the amount of money.” After explaining his wife in this way, Dhananjaya Babu went to the house of Devadasa with one of his friends on a prearranged day and time. Devadasa duly greeted them and took them to his sitting room. Yogendra Babu and Shiva Babu who are close relatives of Dhananjaya Babu were good friends of Devadasa. It were they who informed Devadasa about Jnanendra. Their hearty desire was that Devadasa’s daughter Krishnapriya be married to Jnanedranarayana. Soon after Dhananjaya Babu came to Devadasa’s house, Yogendra Babu and Shiva Babu also arrived there. All of them sat together and began to discuss various topics. After a while, Devadasa decorated his daughter and brought her before them. First of all his daughter was beautiful and then the way she was decorated she looked most enchanting. Most of the persons present there praised the beauty of Krishnapriya. The name of the friend of Dhananjaya Babu who came with him is Purandara Mitra. Purandara Babu brought the girl closer and nicely examined her hands and legs. Thereafter when the opinion of the grooms guardians was sought regarding the selection of the girl, Dhananjaya Babu and Purandara Babu whispered something into each other’s ears. Later on, Purandara Babu said, “The girl is not bad.” Everyone could easily understand that there is some trick involved in this answer. Dhananjaya Babu settled the dowry of Purandara Babu’s sons marriage, now Purandara Babu will settle the dowry of Dhananjaya Babu’s son. It does not look good for a father to settle the dowry for the marriage of his own son hence this arrangement. Purandara Babu brought up the subject of dowry and said, “We have received a proposal for Jnanendranarayana’s marriage from Shyam Bazar. That girl is beautiful and they are willing to give five thousand rupees.” On hearing these words, Yogendra Babu said, “ Are you talking about Kedara Babu’s daughter?” Purandara Babu replied, “Yes.” Then Yogendra Babu said to Dhananjaya Babu, “Uncle you and me went to see that girl but that girl was not as beautiful as this one and Kedara Babu said that he is unable to give more then three thousand rupees. Don’t you remember that?” On hearing this, Purandara Babu became embarrassed. He could not speak any further. Then Dhananjaya Babu said, “ It is the desire of my wife to get more money.” Yogendra Babu said, “ Then will the dowry be settled according to the opinion of the aunt? Dhananjaya Babu replied, “Yes.” Then Yogendra Babu said, “All right, I will speak to her and try to make her agree with whatever is reasonable.” Within his mind Dhananjaya Babu became upset with Yogendra Babu, but publicly he said, “O dear do what you feel good. How can I do anything without the consent of all of you? After speaking in this way they all sat down to take some snacks. Thereafter everyone left.


On the next day Yogendra Babu came to the house of Dhananjaya Babu. After meeting and offering obeisances to Dhananjaya Babu he went to see aunt. After offering obeisances to aunt he brought up the subject of Jnanendranarayana’s marriage with Devadasa’s daughter. They began to talk sitting inside the room. Expecting some danger Dhananjaya Babu stood behind a window and listen to their conversation. Knowing that the girl is extremely beautiful aunt wanted to get her son married with that girl. She was in anxiety that if she demanded more money then the proposal for the marriage may be broken. She loved Yogendra Babu very much. Therefore she agreed to the proposal put forth by Yogendra Babu. It was decided that Devadasa will give total four thousand rupees including sari, golden chain and ornaments to the groom. Dhananjaya Babu could not remain near the window any more. He came before them and inquired what was decided. Although he knew the answer yet he pretended to be ignorant. On hearing the answer Dhananjaya Babu became hopeless. When he failed to give more pressure he expressed his eagerness to ask the guardian of the bride to bear the expenses of the day after the marriage. But since his wife forbade him he reluctantly gave up.


When all the topics of the marriage settled Dhananjaya Babu was invited to come to Devadasa’s house and fix the date of marriage. On this day Purandara Babu did not come. Dhananjaya Babu accompanied by a few of his relatives arrived at the house of Devadasa Babu. Yogendra Babu and Shiva Babu also arrived there in due course of time. Devadasa’s family priest and an astrologer were also invited. Devadasa greeted everyone with due respect. As usual the servants eagerly took care of the assembled gentlemen. When the topic regarding the fixing the date of marriage came up Dhananjaya Babu requested the astrologer to fix a date in such a way that the marriage can take place during Godhuli Lagna or at dusk. After carefully calculating for a long time the astrologer said there is no Godhuli lagna available in this month of Palguna or march. On hearing this Dhananjaya Babu became somewhat moorosed. Yogendra Babu said what is the need of Godhuli Lagna we can bring the groom before sunset. Dhananjaya Babu agreed to this suggestion and did not speak any further regarding fixing the date. An auspicious day and an auspicious lagna were fixed. Devadasa Babu had already arranged opulent snacks for them. Everyone sat down to take snacks and joked with each other. They were all very happy. After eating they took some rest and then left for their respecting homes.


Arrangements for the marriage were being made in both the sides. The lagna of the marriage was at 8.30 p.m. on the day of purnima in the month of Palguna. It was decided that Shivkrishna Babu will give the daughter in charity. According to prearranged statement Dhanajaya Babu along with the groom and his friends and relatives came to the house of bride well before sun set. Many residents of Ramakrishnapur were invited and brought. Devadasa duly greeted and offered respects to everyone. Devadasa’s servants and the sons of his few close relatives began to take care of the invitees. In the marriage arena the groom was seated fully decorated. The groom looked very handsome. Those who knew them said both the bride and groom are perfectly matched. In due course of time the marriage ceremony was duly completed. After the bride was given in charity both the bride and the groom were taken to a room. On seeing the beauty and behavior of the groom the ladies of the house became very pleased. Suhasini was jubilant, she began to hear the praises about the groom from everyone. Arrangements were made for a grand feast. All the invitees, the friends and relatives of the room and others were sumptuously fed. Thereafter everyone left for their respective places to take rest. On the next day Jnanendranarayana returned to his house accompanied by the new bride. Devadasa sent a huge amount of gifts and presents to the house of his son-in-law. On seeing her newly wed daughter-in-law Dhanajaya babus wife became very happy. She took special care of and showed affection to her daughter-in-law. In this way there was a festive mood at the house of Dhanajaya Babu for next eight days. According to social custom on the ninth day Krishnapriya came to her fathers house. Dhananjaya Babu wanted to get more money from the marriage of his son but since his daughter-in-law was beautiful and full of good qualities his distress gradually vanquished. On receiving a perfect wife Jnanendranarayana became extremely happy.