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Chapter - 5


Calcutta is the capital of India. There are quite a few good colleges here. When the time for admitting in the college arrived Devadasa came to Calcutta with his father. He got admission in the best college of Calcutta for higher education. Devadasa’s uncle had only one daughter. He had no sons. He showed affection to Devadasa like his own son. His financial condition was sound; not only he kept Devadasa in his house and took the responsibility of his maintenance but also bought all the necessary books of Devadasa. He was the protector of Devadasa in the great city of Calcutta which is full of bad association and temptation. After handing over Devadasa to his younger brother, Devadasa father returned to his house. Whether it is education or good behavior Devadasa was best in all the fields. His uncle was greatly pleased by the good qualities of Devadasa.


Just as there is every possibility of ones being entangled in various temptation and fall in to the mud of sinful activities if one lives in the great city of Calcutta similarly one can enjoy a great deal of advantages if one carefully endeavor to increase his knowledge. There are various centers here for increasing one’s knowledge. In some center one can study about literatures, in some place one can study science and in some place one can study biology. There are various suitable schools for learning about physics, plants, science of medicine and various arts such as painting. In fact if a person wants to achieve knowledge he can get perfect opportunities here. Many learned scholars are giving lectures and various places regarding different subject of knowledge. By hearing that lectures one can receive special knowledge. Many scholars and intelligent persons are living here in the course of their work. To associate with such a persons is greatly beneficial. Since Devadasa heart was moving towards the enhancement of knowledge, therefore whenever he received any opportunity in this great city he carefully accepted them and proceeded towards his goal. The college were Devadasa studied many rich children also studied there. Just as he stood first in his class, similarly regarding humility and proper behavior he had no competitor. Soon all the student of his class became attracted to his learning and character. There were some poor gentlemen lived in the village of Ramakrishnapur. They had no means of earning livelihood. Due to poverty they were unable to give education to their children. There are many villages filled with such types of people. Devadasa’s kind heart was attracted to make some arrangement so that these people can earn their livelihood and their children can get proper education. Under his instruction and guidance the students of the college set up a relief fund. Every month according to their ability they used to donate money towards this fund. Soon by the help of the student the monthly income of this fund began to grow. Devadasa sent the names and addresses of the poor people from his village to the treasurer of this relief fund. Other members of this committee also sent the names and addresses of the poor people who are known to them to the treasurer. After due consideration the treasurer distributed the money from the relief fund among those poor people. The treasurer would release the money to the poor people through the same member who had recommended their name and addresses. In this way when Devadasa was engaged in studying in the college his heart was very much afflicted on seeing the poverty of the poor people and as such he was never averse to help them in any way according to his capacity. However in these acts he never became proud rather this conviction was deeply rooted in his heart that these activities are part of his duty and had he not fulfill it he would incur sin. If anyone submitted his distress to him he did not become angry or disturbed at all and helped him in whatever way he could. If he ever failed to help anyone he felt hurt in his mind.


Whether the teachers or students or other people, anyone who came to know about these good qualities of Devadasa became astonished by his qualities and praised him a great deal. It does not matter where a jewel is kept it will certainly illuminate the entire place. Although Devadasa was not a naturally handsome personality yet his appearance and behavior were so submissive and humble that just by seeing him one automatically developed love for him.


After regularly returning from the college he washed his hands and mouth and took some snacks. Thereafter he spent some time exercising. It is the duty of the human being to keep a proper balance of the body and mind, otherwise they create disturbance. In the evening he would go to a solitary place and relax, at that time he engaged his mind in thinking about the duties and goal of life. From the instructions of the great personalities who have realized the Absolute Truth, it is understood that the Supreme Lord is the all-pervading cognizant. Whatever we see in this material world are made of inert matter, but the Supreme Lord is the only spirit. The material elements have no independent power to act. The spirit, while remaining within the material elements induces them to act. All the living entities beginning from the human being up to the ants are all active due to the presence of the living force within them. Supreme Lord has created some machines suitable to act within all living entities. At the time of death these machines ceases to work hence, they no longer remain active. At that time though the driver is present within the body but due to the machines inability to act the living entities cannot act. The plants and creepers are also under the jurisdiction of this principle. When the plants, the creepers, the human beings, the cows and the horses die, then also the spirit remains present within their body. In such a situation also we can realize what is the function of the spirit within our body. The spirit, remaining within those dead bodies causes the atoms of the material bodies to remain united. When the atoms are united they float in the ocean of spirit and


(nally atoms are merged within the spirit. When the atoms are merged then there is no other object remains except the spirit. This truth is the result of the thought and result of the great personality. Now since it is established that the one spirit is present within all human beings than why all living beings are born with different nature. The nature of the saintly persons are same regardless of his religion. Only those human beings who could not reach to the topmost platform of the saintly persons, their natures are different. After going through many many births the human beings are present before us. The Supreme Lord is directing the activities of all the living entities. When the living entities gradually forgets that I am personally the most insignificant and dependent than they take shelter of various prejudices. At that time various prejudices such as false ego cheating propensity, attachment for lust and anger overwhelmed the minds and intelligence of the human beings. At the time of death the subtle body which consists of mind, intelligence, and false ego enters into another body. When the living entity transmigrates into another body in this way then the mind and intelligence of that body naturally inherit the prejudice of his previous birth. Just as if a lamp is covered with four different colored glasses on four sides then the light of the lamp will appear to be of different colors; similarly the activities of those persons whose minds and intelligence are influenced by a particular type of prejudice in this world become saturated with such prejudice. According to his own prejudice he attains pleasure in his work and he does not like the activities of his opposing prejudice. When these prejudices destroyed by the mercy of the spiritual master and the devotees and once mind becomes as clear as the peace of crystal clear glass than the pure effulgence of the Supreme Lord is reflected within him. There is no difference between the minds and the intelligence of those who possess such purified minds and intelligence. For them everything manifests as one. Although the minds and the intelligence of the human beings are influenced with various prejudices and the part and parcel of the Supreme Lord is present within them, then why one becomes envious of others? If one loves his fellowmen then he certainly loves the Supreme Lord. A living entity should show mercy to other living entities as much as possible. To consider all living entities as my own people - is the proper knowledge. If a living entity desires to enjoy happiness by causing distress to others than is it not that he is disregarding the Supreme Lord? If you see the Lord of your heart in someone else’s temple than will you disrespect that temple? Will you not try your best to protect that temple? Will you not endeavor to uproot the harmful plants and creepers from the temple who pose a threat to the temple? If you do not do so then what kind of faith and love you have? If you really love him then by the influence of your love all his prejudices will be vanquished. In due course of time such a person will become a purified enlightened soul. Then the pure effulgence from his heart will purify others. In this way the number of purified souls will gradually increase. Therefore every human being should associate with the saintly persons and engage in welfare activities as much as possible with his body mind and speech.


Still now Devadasa is a young teenager. It is improper to expect the intensity of alround thoughts from him. Anyhow Devadasa regularly floated in the ocean of newer and newer thoughts in the evening. At the time of study however he kept his heart clear of all the previous thoughts.