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Chapter - 4


All the villagers were so much attracted to Devadasa good qualities that they use to call him our Devadasa. Devadasa was very dear to everyone; nobody was an outsider to him. Everyone began to pray to the Lord for his well-being. The boys of the village gradually became so attached to him that whatever Devadasa ordered they immediately followed without uttering a word. There were many householders lived in the village. Some of them had no husband or no sons and some of them had one or two small children. Someone was blind and someone was lame. These people had no means of livelihood. Devadasa and his friends resolved that once a week they would form a party and beg alms at the door of the villagers for one hour and whatever ingredients or money they receive they will distribute them among the poor people. When the villagers came to know about this resolution of the boys they became very happy and began to donate generously. The boys also properly distributed the money and ingredients that were collected among the poor class of men. Those poor householders always blessed the boys and constantly prayed to the Lord for their happiness and prosperity. Just as the clean pieces of scattered glass become bright by the light of a lamp similarly by the association of sober saintly Devadasa the hearts and the minds of the boys became purified. The way these boys were actively engaged in welfare activities that no other boys at that time could compete them. All the good qualities of Devadasa were reflected in the hearts of these boys. Gradually the fame of the boy of Ramakrishnapur village spread on the four directions.


Whatever Devadasa did he did with full concentration. Therefore he performed every activity with perfection. He had this conviction within his mind that unless one fully concentrates his mind on a particular activity, that activity will not be completed successfully. The time to complete a work without full attention will be double than the time it will require to complete a work with full attention. Moreover there is no profit in it because in most of the cases the work is incompleted. Even if it is completed it usually takes double labor and time. This conclusion of child Devadasa is beneficial for and to be followed by every human being. As Devadasa grew older his knowledge, intelligence, and thoughtfulness gradually matured and increased. On seeing Devadasa’s way of acting and perfection in work all his friends imitated his work. Soon Devadasa became the leader of the boys. The potency of honest character is great.


Gradually Devadasa made remarkable progress in education. When he was sixteen years old he stood first in the final examination. In this year he was to give entrance examination to be able to study further. However he was not busy in studying day and night just because he had to appear for the examination. He used both his physical and mental talent. Just as he regularly exercised to keep his body fit, he also exercised his mind for mental teachings. Actually as he was physically strong so was he mentally sound in every activity. His aim was to strengthen both his body and mind.


In due course the time for entrance examination arrived. Devadasa’s father took him to the house of brother Shivkrishna Babu. Devadasa had never gone to Calcutta before. This was his first visit. He saw that the city was very neat and clean. It is decorated with beautiful mansions on all sides. Wide roads have spread themselves on the ground so that the travelers can walk on them. All the marketplaces and road sides are filled with various items. There was no scarcity of any item required for human beings happiness and comforts. There were many mills and factories motor cars and horses. Every road was filled with the people. And by seeing these people it is clearly understood that in order to fulfill some special purposes they are busily walking. Devadasa is walking behind his father and thinking, is it true that there is only happiness in this city? Are there no miseries here? In whichever direction I look at I only see objects meant for happiness. But both happiness and distress are equally present in the material kingdom of the Supreme Lord. It is never possible for the inhabitants of this great city to enjoy uninterrupted happiness.


Shiva krishna Babu had already received the information that his elder brother would come to Calcutta with Devadasa. Therefore he arranged all the necessary items for their comfortable stay. As soon as shivkrishna Babu saw his elder brother he got up and after respectfully offering obeisances he took the dust from his feet on his head. Devadasa also offered obeisances to his uncle and took dust from his feet on his head. After a short conversation between the two brothers, Shivkrishna Babu took Devadasa inside the house. Devadasa offered his obeisances at the feet of his aunt. She also inquired about the well-being of his family and blessed him by placing her hand on his head. Devadasa began to live at the house of his uncle with great joy. Gradually the time arrived for the examination. In the examination Devadasa answered almost all the questions. After the examination was over his uncle took him to various places in Calcutta and showed him many beautiful things for his pleasure. In this way after residing at his uncle’s house for some time Devadasa returned to his village with his father.


In due course of time the results of the entrance examination were declared. The news that Devadasa stood first in the entrance examination reached Ramakrishnapur like a flash of lightning. On hearing this news, all the villagers began to express their great happiness. The hearts of Devadasa parents filled with ecstasy. They humbly prayed to everyone to bless their son. When Devadasa received this good news he was jubilant. He thanked the Supreme Lord, who is the controller of the entire world, and with great devotion he said, “O Lord! You are the doer of everything and everything is but a result of Your mercy.”