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Chapter - 2

On the very first day in the school Devadas saw that a teacher was severely beating some students for not doing their homework.  On seeing their crying due to beating child Devadas could not remain steady.

  He also began to cry.  The distress of those students pierced his heart.  When Devadass father saw him crying he immediately came there and began to pacify him.  Although  Devadas was pacified by his father he could not control the urge of crying for some time .  When this mixed crying created a disturbance in the class then the Head Master along with two other teacher came there to assess the situation.  The teacher who beat the student became embarressed.  The Head Master was farsighted, learned and kind hearted teacher.  He knew very well that it is completly unge

stified to severely beat the student and there is no benefit in such beating, perticularly it is a grave obstical in regard to the education of the soft hearted boys.  The headmaster publicly prohibited  the said teacher from beating and return to his place without speaking any further.  The other teachers also returned to their respective places.  When the school was over Shrikrishna Babu returned home with  Devadas.  After taking a little rest and snacks when he was about to narrate instructive stories to Devadas as usual , Devadas asked his father .  Devadas: Father if you beat the children do they become more educated? Father: No my dear son, rather  they become poor in study.Devadas: Then why did the teacher beat the students? Father: That teacher explains the lesson one or two times to the students and if the student  donot memorise the lesson then he cannot control his anger and beats them. Devadas: Father why they cannot memorise their lessons?  Father: Actually they are unqualified to study in that class where they are now.  Nobody  teaches them in the same way as I teach you.  Moreever they have no interest in  studying.  They could not produce good result in annual examination. Yet they were promoted  to the higher class.  The lessons of the higher class is more diffcult  therefore it is hard for them to learn.  For these reasons they are unable to learn their lesson.



Devadas: Father!  Their father and teacher could have kept them in the lower class instead of promoting them to the higher class.Father: What can I tell you about the condition of our village.  Most pad study carefully then they can become good student.  After hearing these words from the father Devadas contemplated within his mind for some time for a while.  Then he asked. --  Father!  Why donot the teacher put them back in the lower class? Father: The Headmaster has already written letter to the parents of those students about   putting them in the lower classes.  But so far he has not received any reply from any   parents.  Actually they donot care for the education of their children. Actually these students are very careless about their education.  They do not  feel ashamed even by the severe punishment of the teacher.  Devadas:  Then what is the use of beating them? Father: That is why today the Head Master has forbade that teacher to beat the students any more. 

The more little Devadas contemplated about those students the more he felt distressed on realizing that they will not be able to read and write properly.  Regarding the education of the children first the father and then the other guardians should take special care.

  When the student lives at home the father should carefully try to engage him in study.  In the school the teacher should make sure that the student is studying properly.  The teacher, the father and other superiors should always endeavour to creat interest for edcation in the students mind through proper instructions and also make sure that the student is not frightened in any way in the course of his study;  otherwise it is immposible for a student to get a proper education.  Just as the education is necessary for a student similarly becoming honest is also necessary.  A boy accepts the character of his father mother and that of his teacher as his ideal.  Their proper instructions are benefitial so as their spotless character.

 Devadas regularly went to the school with his father.  He was very attached to his father. The honest characteristics of the father reflacted on the heart of the Devadas.  His qualities of  humility good character and genunity attracted the minds of the teachers.  He gradually developed friendship with his classmates.  In due course of time his good qualities and extra ordinary genious began to manifest to everyone.  Everyone praised him as he became very dear to them .