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Chapter - 1

There is a prospersous village called Ramakrishnapur in the district of 24 paraganas.  Long long ago the sacred river Ganges flowed by this village.  Now that flow of the ganges totally obstracted.  The land on which the river ganges previously flowed is now turned into a vast tract of plain land.  This whole tract of land is filled with many huge lakes.  Some people say that although the ganges is no longer flowing on the surface of this land nevertheless it is flowing below the surface of the earth even today.  The waters from the ponds that are situated within this tract of land is popularly accepted as the water of the ganges and  it is used for all kinds of woirship and religious perormances.  There are many brahmins,rich ksatriyas and other casts live in this village.  This village is decorated with many gardens full of beautiful fruits and flowers. Many opulent palaces are situated in this village and are increasing the beauty of the village.  The wide roads of this village are filled with particles of bricks and resembles the colour of blood.  There is a market place at the middle of this village; various fruits, roots, and other eatable are regularly brought and sold here.  Since there is a charitable hospital, an English Medium High School, a Bengali School and a Girls School is situated in this village, the villagers are greatly benefited and comfortable. 

Two brothers named r Krishna and Shiv Krishna lived in this village.  They are kshtriyas and their surname was Dutta.  Shiv Krishna married the daughter of a rich man of Calcutta.  Except this daughter his father-in-law had no other heirs.  Therefore before his death he gave away his house and its home stead to his son-in-law Shiv Krishna and his accumulated wealth and other imm and offered Him obeisances.


movable assets to his daughter.  Shiv Krishna Babu gave his share of ancestral property of the village Ramakrishnapur to his elder brother r Krishna Babu and shifted to Calcutta and began to live in the house of his father-in-law .  r Krishna Babu was well known in the village as the religious minded person.  However he couldnot make much progress in the field of  education.  He was conversent with a little bit of English and Sanskrit languages.  He had  full knowledge of Bengali language.  r Krishna Babu was a teacher in the English Medium High School at Ramkrishnapur village.  He drew a meager salary.           Devadas is the son of this r Krishna Babu.  Devadas had no brothers or sisters.  In the family of r krishna Babu there were three people. Shrikrisahna Babu, his wife and his son Devadas.  Therefore though Devadass father had very little income still he managed to fulfill all the necessities of the family.  Like Devadass father , Devadass mother also had firm faith and devotion for relilgious activity.  That is why rkrishna Babu was not harassed in trying to fulfill the demand of ornaments etc., of his wife like a present day householder.

In his childhood Devadas was very attached to his parents.  They had no other children, therefore both of them were very affectionate towards him.  Devdasa was very naughty when he was a child.  In one hand he was very eager to make friends with the neighbourhood boys and girls, on the otherhand he was very expert in disturbing them.  When ever his parents chastised him, he would quietly tolerate it.  Gradually Devadas became five years old.  Most of the time r Krishna Babu kept Devadas with him.  He often explained  to Devadas about what happens if one steals, what is the fault in telling lie and one should be merciful to everyone by narrating easily comprehensible stories.  On hearing the stories the son would ask various questions and he would reply accordingly.  Factually by hearing such stories Devadas gradually became attracted to his father and often contemplated on the subject matter of the stories.  Through such endeavour of his father an wonderful mood began to create in the mind of child Devadas.  When the father understood  that Devadas has realized the purport of those stories with in his heart and he is also acting accordingly than he began to narrate stories about the lives of  those people who have become prosperous in this world through proper education.  Devadas gradually understood that these stories are written in the books and that by reading books these subject matters are easily understood,  therefore he soon expressed his desire to read book.  The father also gradually help him study appropriate book.     

Devadass father always endeavoured in such a way that his son  develops eagerness for education and it was his special aim to create eagerness in his tender heart.  The more Devadas develop eagerness for education the more he pursued the act of learning. 



As the guide. it is the duty of the parents and the te who is the





ents donot keep any track about their childrens education. 

They simply make a formalityof admitting their children in the school. They firmly belive whatever they hear from their children.  When they hear that their children have passed in the annual examination  they become very happy.  And if they hear that they have failed they  immediately come to the school and request the teacher to promote them to the higher class as well as assure the teacher that the children will certainly bare  in the next examination.  In this way they persuade the teacher.  The teacher relectantly promote  them to the higher classes and get relief. Devadas:     Father!  Then what is their alternative? Father: Now they should come back to the lower class and study carefully then they can become good student.

  After hearing these words from the father Devadas contemplated within his mind for some time for a while.  Then he asked. --  Father!  Why doesn't the teacher put them back in the lower class? Father: The Headmaster has already written letter to the parents of those students about putting them in the lower classes.  But so far he has not received any reply from any  achers to direct the tender hearts of the children towards proper education.  There are always two kinds of students in the school.  Some are good students and some are bad students.  A teacher should take special care of the bad students than the good students.  It is often found that with proper care and guidence a bad student ultimately becomes a good student .  In the hearts of those students wherein acquiring proper education is deeply rooted ,they carfully giveup the association of students with bad character;  because they donot derive any happiness in their association.  Nevertheless the parents and the teacher should always protect them from bad association.  When students who are genious and have good character study together then it is often found that they develop inquisitiveness and they sufficiently help each other in education.  If one specially consider this fact then one will understand that it is always benefitial to send the boys to the school for study.  Anyway Devadas father thought him lessons at home for some time and then considering his own  and his sons convenient he admited Devadas into a English High School in his own village.  Needless to say that Shrikrishna Babu was a teacher of this school.