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71--The Desire for Material Fame


1. What is the main purpose behind artificially displaying symptoms of ecstatic love, such as shedding tears or the standing of bodily hairs?


You have practiced shedding tears and jumping and rolling on the ground. You often fall on the ground unconscious. This is, however, purely drama meant to deceive people. In this way you spread bad association and ultimately get gold and women. (Kalyana Kalpataru, Song 18)


2. What is most difficult to renounce, even when one is able to renounce almost everything?


Although one can renounce almost everything, it is very difficult to renouncepratisthasa, the desire for name and fame. (Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 2)


3. Why do cheaters imitate great personalities? Can such imitation endure?


Cheaters try to hide their natures and attain name and fame by imitating great personalities, but such imitation cannot endure. A cheater's true nature will certainly be exposed within a few days. (Sajjana Tosanl 4/11) 


4. Is verbal humility proof having renounced the desire for fame?


Until we can give up the desire for fame, we cannot claim to be Vaisnavas. Verbal humility alone will not do. I often say, "I am not even qualified to become a servant of the servant of the Vaisnavas," and I think that by hearing this, the audience will respect me as a pure Vaisnava. Alas! The desire for fame does not want to leave us. (Sajjana Tosanl 8/3)


5. From what anartha do those who love peace suffer from, even after they have renounced family life?


Peace-loving people give up family life and accept the renounced order because they think that householders are more prone to desire for name and fame. At that stage, however, rather than see their own desire for name and fame decrease, their desire becomes stronger than ever. {Sajjana Tosanl 8/3)


6. Why is the endeavor to attain fame so abominable?


The endeavor to attain fame is the most abominable endeavor. Although it is abominable, few people can avoid it. (Sajjana Tosanl 10/9)


7.What means do cheaters adopt to achieve fame?


In order to obtain the spiritual master's appreciation, respect from devotees and ordinary people, praise from the holding of grand festivals, and in order to get their work done, many people cheat and artificially display the symptoms of ecstatic love like dancing, perspiring, shedding tears, rolling on the ground, and shivering. Actually they do not possess any of the symptoms of ecstatic love in their hearts. (Caitanya-siksamrta 5/4)


8. Why is it improper to proudly identify oneself as a Vaisnava?


If I think I am a Vaisnava, then I cannot become amanl, free from the expectation that I should be respected. The desire for material fame will then pollute my heart and I will go to hell.

(Kalyana Kalpataru Song 8)