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95- Ragatmika-bhakti


1. What is rdgdtmikd-bhakti?


The materialist's natural attraction for material enjoyment is called rdga, attachment. As their eyes become agitated by seeing beautiful objects, so their hearts become fully absorbed in material enjoyment. When Lord Krsna becomes the object of one's attachment, however, it is called rdga-bhakti, the devotion of attachment. Sri Rupa GosvamI has said that rdga means full absorption in one's worshipable Lord. When devotional service to Krsna is executed through such attachment it is called rdgdtmikd-bhakti. In brief, the loving and intense thirst for Krsna is called rdgdtmikd-bhakti. Intense greed to enter Krsna's pastimes is a symptom of rdgdtmikd-bhakti.

(Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 21)


2. Where does rdgdtmikd-bhakti exist?


The devotional service executed by the Vrajavasls with intense attachment is the topmost form of devotional service. Such devotional service is not found anywhere else. Devotional service performed under the guidance of the Vrajavasls is called rdgdnugd-bhakti. The service propensity that includes  natural absorption in one's worshipable Lord is called rdga. When that devotional service is executed with intense greed, it is called rdgdtmikd, and is fully present among the Vrajavasis. (Commentary on Caitanya-caritdmrta Madhya 22.145-146,150)