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51 -Paramartha


1. What is paramartha, the ultimate goal of life?


Anything other than pure devotional service to the Lord cannot be called paramartha, the ultimate goal of life. (Sajjana Tosanl 10/9)


2.Are the vows of devotional service useless?


Cultivating the limbs of devotional service is not a useless endeavor. (Sajjana Tosanl 10/9)


3. What are the five best limbs of devotional service?


Worshiping the Deity, relishing the purport of Srimad-Bhagavatam with advanced devotees, associating with more advanced devotees who are affectionate and are in the same line as oneself, congregationally chanting the holy names, and residing in Mathura are the five best limbs of bhakti. If we summarize them further, then chanting the holy names and serving the Vaisnavas are the topmost limbs. (Sajjana Tosanl 11/6)


4. How many types of tulasi worship are there?


Tulasi is auspicious in all respects. Simply by seeing, touching, remembering, praying to, bowing down before, hearing about, sowing, offering water, or simply by worshiping tulasi, there is always auspiciousness. (Sajjana Tosanl 11/6)


5. When serving the Lord's subordinates, to whom should we principally offer our service?


Tulasi-devI is principal among the Lord's subordinates, and one should serve her. {Sajjana Tosanl 11/6)


6. Under whose guidance should one circumambulate the abode of Sri Gauranga?


I will happily visit with exalted devotees all those places where my beloved Lord Gaurahga enacted His pastimes. (Song from Saranagati)


7. What should be the duty of devotees who obtain food and clothing and then lose them?


A devotee should not be agitated if food and clothing are not obtained or if they are obtained and then lost. He should peacefully remember Krsna.

(Sajjana Tosanl 11/6)


8. While practicing the five best limbs of devotional service, in what subject does a practitioner develop greed and what is the result of that greed?


By offenselessly serving the Deities, relishing the purports of Srimad-Bhagavatam, associating with senior devotees who are on the raga path, chanting the Lord's holy names, and residing in Sri Mathura-mandala, one achieves the mercy of pure devotees. On the strength of such mercy, a practitioner develops the greed to serve Krsna, the worshipable Lord of the residents of Vraja. From such greed, raganuga-bhaktl, under the guidance of the Vrajavasis appears. Raganuga-bhakti is transcendental to Vedic considerations. While cultivating such devotional service, within a short time, pure unalloyed devotional service becomes manifest. This is Srlman Mahaprabhu's confidential teaching. (Sri Manah-Siksa, Chapter 11)