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76- Mental Speculation


1. Why is the conditioned soul's meditation considered mental speculation?


Meditation is the function of the mind. Until the mind is purified and spiritualized, meditation can never become spiritual. (Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 4)


2.How do the mental speculators see the souls, the material world, and liberation?


Some people guess that the soul was first born in this gross world in the form of a human being. The Supreme Lord created this material world with the desire that the living entities would gradually advance by following religious principles. Some people say that this material world will become a happy place, like heaven, through human intelligence. Yet there are others who have decided that at the end of the body, they will achieve liberation in the form of nirvana. All these conclusions are as useless as blind people ascertaining the shape of an elephant. Swanlike people do not enter into this type of useless argument, because no one can come to the proper conclusion by human intelligence.

(Introduction to Sri Krsna SaMhita)


3. Is mundane selflessness a figment of one's imagination?


It is impossible for selflessness to exist. Von Halbach wrote a book called The System of Nature in 1770. In fact in the book, he specifically said, "There is no selflessness in the material world at all; we call the art of becoming happy by others' happiness religion." We also find that the word selflessness is as useless as a flower in the sky. The goal of selflessness is to achieve happiness without difficulty. People think that if others respect them as selfless persons, they will get their job done easily. Are motherly affection, brotherly affection, friendly affection, and love between man and woman selfless? If there were no personal happiness in these acts, no one would have done them. Some people even give up their lives in order to attain personal happiness. (Tattva Viveka 1.9-12)


4. Is it reasonable to accept that Satan has a separate existence?


Instead of imagining a strange matter like "Satan," one should carefully try to understand the science of nescience. (Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 11)