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93- Giving Respect to Everyone


1. What does the word mdnada, to offer everyone respect, mean?


Mdnada means to offer due respect to all living entities. Realizing that all living entities are servants of Krsna, one should never become envious or hate them. One should please everyone by speaking sweet words and caring for their welfare. (Siksastaka 3)


2. What does it mean to offer due respect?


Vaisnavas alone are worthy of respect. If the son of a Vaisnava becomes a pure Vaisnava, then how much respect he should be offered will be proportionate to the degree of his devotional service. If the son of a Vaisnava is only an ordinary human being, he should be counted as ordinary and not respected as a Vaisnava. A Vaisnava must be offered the respect appropriate to a Vaisnava, and one who is not a Vaisnava should be respected as an ordinary human being. Unless one offers respect to others, one does not develop the qualification to chant the holy names of Hari. (Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 8) 


3. Is it not contrary to the principle of mdnada to consider oneself an exalted guru?


If I consider myself topmost and thus distribute my remnants to others, I will be heavily burdened by pride. Therefore, I will constantly remain a servant of the Vaisnavas and not accept anyone's worship. (Kalyana Kalpataru Song 8)