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59_Developing a Taste for Chanting the Holy Names


1. Can one develop taste for chanting if he does not possess piety born of devotional service?


A person who does not have piety born of devotional service can never achieve faith in the science of devotional service. Among all the limbs of devotional service, chanting the holy names is topmost. Therefore one cannot develop a taste for chanting if he lacks piety. (Harinama-cintamani)


2. Is it necessary to perform eternal and occasional  activities if one has developed a taste for chanting the holy names of Hari?


When one develops a taste for cultivating the chanting of the holy names in the association of the saintly persons, then one no longer needs to perform any kind of pious activities. Chanting the holy names is complete spiritual cultivation. Pious activities such as chanting Vedic mantras and offering prayers are simply meant to support the above-mentioned principal activity of chanting the holy names. They are never complete in themselves. (Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 3)


3. How and when does one develop a taste for chanting the holy names?


If I sing Your holy name aloud every day with warm affection, then as sugar candy taken medicinally destroys the disease that gives it a bitter taste, so Your holy name, O Lord Hari, will cure my spiritual disease and allow me to gradually taste Your sweetness. How great is my misfortune that I feel no appreciation for Your holy name, O merciful Lord! In such a lamentable state, how will I be freed from committing the ten offenses? If I sing Your name every day, gradually, by Your mercy, the ten offenses will disappear, taste for Your holy name will grow within me, and then I shall relish the intoxicating wine of the holy name. (Saranagati)