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90- Humility


1. What mentality should a devotee maintain?


A devotee should always maintain humility within his heart. (Sri Bhagavatarka Marici Mala)


2.What is humility?


I am a servant of Krsna. I am poor and do not possess anything. Krsna is my all-in-all. This is humility. (Jaiva Dharma, Chapter 8)


3. What type of devotional service helps us directly cultivate Krsna consciousness?


When one's humility is strong, one certainly attains Krsna's mercy. As a result, debauchery, profit, adoration, and distinction are immediately destroyed. This helps one to directly cultivate Krsna consciousness. This process is naturally confidential, and one must learn how to practice it from a bona fide spiritual master.

(Caitanya-siksamrta 6/6)

4. How is actual humility expressed?


I am a pure spirit soul. Due to my previous misdeeds, I am suffering from various material miseries. I am a proper  candidate for punishment. Even though I am Krsna's eternal servant, due to my forgetfulness of His lotus feet I have become trapped on the wheel of karma. Now I have to suffer so much  misery. Thus who is more unfortunate than me? I am the most fallen, wretched, and poor person. (Sajjana Tosanl 4/9)


5. Is a humble devotee proud of his strength?


I have not performed any pious activities and have no spiritual knowledge. I have no devotion for Lord Krsna. Please tell me how I can attain the shelter of Your lotus feet. Your mercy is my only hope. It is the conclusion of the Vedas that Your mercy is causeless. (Kalydna Kalpataru, Prarthana, Song 2)


6. What is the spontaneous prayer of the pure devotee?


This ocean is full of fearful crocodiles in the form of material sense objects. The waves of lusty desires always agitate me. My mind is restless because I do not see any captain.

(Kalydna Kalpataru, Prarthana, Song 3)


7. What humble prayer should a pure devotee offer to the Gosvamis, headed by Sri Rupa and Sanatana?


When will Sri Rupa Gosvami bestow his mercy on me and deliver me by imparting the principles of true renunciation? When will Sri Sanatana Gosvami, out of compassion, remove my attachment for sense gratification and offer me at the lotus feet of Sri Nityananda Prabhu? When will Sri Jlva Gosvami extinguish the blazing fire of my arguments by pouring on them the water of scriptural conclusions? My heart is constantly burning. (Kalydna Kalpataru, Prarthana Song, 4)


8. How should one who desires personal benefit offer honest and humble prayers to the Vaisnavas?


As soon as I see a Vaisnava, I will hang a cloth on my neck. With folded hands and taking a straw in my mouth, I will stand before him without duplicity. I will relate to him my miserable condition and cry and beg for respite from the fire of material existence. (Kalydna Kalpataru, Prarthana, Song 1)