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89- Proper Renunciation


1. How can one practice yukta-vairdgya ?


It is everyone's duty to bring his or her mind under control by offering it some token sense gratification, exactly as one would control a horse by offering it a morsel of grass. This is called yukta-vairdgya, proper renunciation. By this process one can make spiritual advancement. (Caitanya-siksdmrta 6/5)


2. What is actual renunciation?


When genuine detachment is awakened within a man, he should cultivate renunciation befitting the sannydsa-dsrama or should gradually diminish his family activities by becoming more and more inclined toward the Supreme Lord's service. This is actual renunciation. (Caitanya-siksdmrta 2/5)


3. When one advances in spiritual life, what increases proportionately?


Pure knowledge and pure renunciation must increase in proportion to one's advancement in devotional service. (Caitanya-siksdmrta 1/7) 


4. What is the purport of accepting only as much material enjoyment as necessary?


The purport of the instruction to accept only as much material enjoyment as necessary is that one should not accept material enjoyment for sense gratification. Rather, one should accept only as much material enjoyment as will help one establish his relationship with Lord Krsna. (Caitanya-siksamrta 1/7)


5. How do spiritual knowledge, renunciation, and devotional service help a soul?


Knowledge of one's relationship with the Supreme Lord and detachment for material objects automatically develop in one who engages in devotional service. If they have not been developed, it is to be understood that devotional service is absent. Whatever is being practiced is actually pseudo devotional service. By practicing renunciation, a soul attains satisfaction. Through knowledge of one's relationship with the Supreme Lord, a soul is nourished. By practicing devotional service, a soul's hunger is mitigated. (Sri Bhagavatarka Marichi Mala 15/117)


6. How does one on the topmost platform of yukta- vairdgya think?


One should care for his body, knowing that it is useful for achieving Krsna conscious perfection. Without a body, one cannot worship Krsna. Therefore, even though one takes special care to protect his body as part of his favorable cultivation of devotional service, one considers all objects related to the body that are unfavorable for devotion insignificant. This mentality is the topmost platform of yukta-vairagya. (Sri Bhagavatarka Marichi Mala 17/21)