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49 -Asakti


1.What is asakti?


When ruci matures, it is called asakti. (Caitanya-siksamrta 5/2)


2. What attitude is desirable when developing attachment for Krsna?


O vanquisher of all distress, please shows us mercy. To approach Your lotus feet we abandoned our families and homes. Now we have no desire other than to serve You. Our hearts are burning with intense desire, generated by Your beautiful smiling glances. O jewel among men, please make us Your maidservants. (Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


3. What is the life of persons attached to Krsna like?


O Lord! I spend my day by honoring Your remnants— flowers, sandalwood paste, ornaments, and garments. I identify myself as Your servant, and I survive by eating Your remnants. In this way I conquer Your illusory energy and remain detached from matter.

(Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


4. What is the intense eagerness of those who are attached to Krsna like?


Expert transcendentalists always direct their affection toward You because they recognize You as their true Self and their eternally beloved. What use do we have for these husbands, children, and relatives of ours? They simply give us trouble. Therefore, O supreme controller, grant us Your mercy. O lotus-eyed one, please do not cut down our long-cherished hope to have Your association. {Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


5. Is it possible to become attached to Krsna without being attached to the service of His devotees?


How is it possible to immerse oneself in the ocean of syama-rasa (madhurya-rasa) without worshiping the dust of Srimati Radharani's lotus feet, taking shelter of Vrndavana, which is decorated with Her footprints, or serving Her devotees, whose grave hearts are always absorbed in love for Her?

(Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


6. While developing attachment for Krsna, in what rasa does one develop eagerness to worship the Lord?


After giving up the pride of falsely identifying the material body with the self by Krsna's mercy, I reside in Vraja as a gopi. As Srimati Radharani's maidservant, I always take pleasure serving Radha and Krsna in Their paraklya-rasa pastimes. (Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


7. Do those attached to Krsna hanker after the four objectives of life? What are their goals in life?


Abandoning attachment for family, friends, material pleasures, wealth, and all other spiritual paths, finding them distasteful, I take on my head and worship the dust of the lotus feet of Sri Radhika, which is a shower of wonderful, transcendental bliss." (Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


8. What is the most heartfelt desire of those attached to Krsna?


0 Radha, O Vrsabhanunandim! When by Your mercy will I stay on the banks of the Yamuna and wander on the paths in the groves of Vrndavana as I engage in Your service as a maidservant? (Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


9. Which sddhana (process for achieving the goal of life) and sadhya (goal of life) are to be constantly cherished by those attached to Krsna?


1 will relish the most amazing festival of attachment to Radha by always remembering Krsna, who wears a peacock feather in His crown, by performing sahklrtana, by engaging in the service of His lotus feet, by chanting the t»est of mantras, and by remembering the most cherished service of the lotus feet of Radha within my heart.

(Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


10. What is the sole desired goal of those attached to Krsna?


May I attain the service of VrsabhanunandM birth after birth! She is the personification of the essence of the transcendental mellows of divine sports. She is the supreme goddess of fortune with a form of the most wonderful transcendental bliss. Her lotus feet are difficult to attain even for the demigods headed by Lord Brahma. (Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


11.What do the devotees attached to Krsna cultivate with all their senses? 


May my tongue be overwhelmed by relishing the nectar of Radha's name! May my feet be engaged in wandering the paths of Vrndavana, which are marked by Radha's footprints! May my hands be engaged in the loving service of Radharani! May my mind be constantly engaged in meditation on the lotus feet of Radha! May I attain firm attachment for the lotus feet of Sri Krsna by attaining the festival of ecstatic love for Radha! {Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


12. What is the devotee's prayer to Srimati Radharani?


"O Devi! In great distress I fall to the ground offering You obeisances and prayers with a voice choked with emotion. O Gandharvike! Please bestow Your mercy on this pauper and count me among Your own associates. {Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)


13. Why are Krsna's devotees partial or more attached to Srimati Radharani's service ?


When will I be delighted in the service of Srimati Radharani? Struck by the arrow of Her sidelong glance, Krsna faints, His flute falls from His hand, the peacock feathers on His head become loosened, and His yellow scarf slips from His neck. {Bhajana-rahasya, Chapter 5)