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Unauthorized Instructor or So-Called Acarya


1.What is the behavior and opinion of learned godless instructors of fruitive activities?


They will say to themselves:

"O my brother, don't stay away from sense pleasures. Enjoy sense pleasures as you like, as long as others do not know of them. Why not? I do not think the  world will collapse because of them. There is no God, an all-seeing God who gives to us the results of our actions. What have you to fear? Just be a little  careful, so no one will know. If they learn of it, then you will lose your good reputation, and perhaps the government or bad people will make trouble for  you. If that happens, neither you nor others will be happy."Know for certain that if the hearts of the preachers of atheistic morality were examined, these  thoughts would be found. (Tattva-viveka 1/9-12 commentary)


2.Is it proper for a bona fide spiritual master to give hari-nama or mantra initiation to a faithless person?


One who gives hari-ndma to a faithless person with a desire to receive some daksina is a seller or trader of hari-ndma. By exchanging an invaluable jewel for  an insignificant object, a person falls down from the spiritual life of worshiping Hari. (Caitanya -siksdmrta )


3.Can an imposter become a spiritual master?


O my mind! Your definition of a saintly person is he who is expert in juggling words, and you become fully influenced by his association. If you see a cruel  person, you show respect to him and fall down at his feet with devotion.(Kalyana-kalpataru song 16)


4.Can a sannydsi who has given up the shelter of his spiritual master become an acarya?


Even though Ramacandra Purl was a disciple of Madhavendra Puri, he accepted polluted conclusions from the society of dry speculators and preached irreligious  principles. As a result, Madhavendra Purl Gosvami rejected him and considered him an offender. Then, Ramacandra Puri blasphemed and found fault with others.  He gave instructions on dry knowledge and thus became neglected by the Vaisnavas. (Amrta-pravdha-bhdsya, Caitanya-caritdmrta Antya Chapter 8)


5.Are the conclusions of a bona fide dedrya and an unauthorized dedrya the same?


After carefully discussing the Vedas and the Vedanta-sutras, the dedryas have drawn two kinds of conclusions. Srimat Sankaracarya preached the philosophy of  monism based on the conclusions put forth by the sages like Dattatreya, Astavakra, and Durvasa. This is one kind of conclusion. The Vaisnava dedryas preach  the science of pure devotional service based on the conclusion put forth by the great souls like Narada, Prahlada, Dhruva, and Manu. This is other kind of  conclusion.{Sri Manah-siksd Chapter 9)