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Sri Mayapura


1.What is the nature of Sri Mayapura?


The great holy place of Mayapura is a manifestation of Sri Gokula in this age of Kali, and it is extremely potent. As Paurnamasi is in charge of Vrndavana,  so Sri Praudamaya (popularly known as Podama) is in charge of Mayapura. Among the seven great holy places, such as Ayodhya, Haridwara, and Maya, there is a  holy place known as Mayatlrtha situated at Haridwara and Gaudadesa. The influence of Mayatirtha is such that even some sinless Muslims who live there proudly  consider our beloved Lord Gaurahga as their own Lord and treat the devotees of Gaurahga as their friends.(Visnupriya Palll Magazine Vol. 1)


2.How eager was Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura to discover the land of Gaurahga's birth?


Poor sinful persons like us have become extremely eager to see the places of the pastimes of the Lord and His associates. When the devotees of Vraja became  very eager to see the places of Sri Krsna's pastimes, Sri Caitanyadeva, who is the ocean of mercy, empowered Sri Sanatana Prabhu and showed him the two paddy  fields of Sri Radha-kunda and Sri Syama-kunda. Now, by the mercy of Sri Sanatana Gosvami, everyone is relishing the glories of these two holy places. O dear  devotees of Gaurahga who are present today, such as Sri Jagannatha dasa, we fall at your lotus feet and pray with folded hands that you take the position of  Sri Sanatana Gosvami and ascertain the places of Sri Mayapura. You are our spiritual master; to whom else will we pray? (Visnupriya Palli Magazine Vol. 1)


3.What instructions did Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura receive in this regard?


I felt that I was spending my days uselessly. I did not accomplish anything. I thought, "I will build a cottage in a secluded place in the forest on the  banks of the Yamuna in Mathura and Vrndavana, and then I will worship Krsna."

Once, in the course of my work, I went to Tarakesvara. When I slept at night, the Lord appeared and said to me, "Are you planning to go to Vrndavana? What  did you do about the work that is pending near your house in Navadvipa?"(Biography of Thakura Bhaktivinoda)


4.How did Sri Mayapura manifest?


Every Saturday I went to Navadvipa and searched for the places of the Lord's pastimes, but I did not find anything so I felt great distress. At that time,  the people of Navadvipa were simply interested in filling their bellies, and they did not make any endeavor to find the places of the Lord's pastimes. One  evening, myself, Kamal, and a clerk went up on the roof and were looking around. I saw a brightly shining building on the other side of the Ganges, on the  northern side. The next morning, I went up to the roof of the queen's house and carefully looked at that place, and I noticed that there was a palm tree on  that very site. When I inquired from some people,they said that place was known as Ballaladighi where the remains of Laksmana Sena's palace were still  present.


The following Monday, I went back to Krsnanagara and then returned to see Ballaladighi on Saturday. Again I saw that wonderful vision. That night and the  next morning I walked to see that place. After inquiring from the old people who lived there, I understood that it was the birthplace of Sriman Mahaprabhu. I  gradually visited all the nearby villages, which are described in Bhakti-ratnakara of Sri Narahari Thakura and Sri Caitanya-bhdgavata of Sri Vrndavana dasa  Thakura. Thereafter, at Krsnanagara, I composed the book Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya and sent it to Calcutta for printing. When I explained all these things  in detail to Dvarika Babu, an engineer from Krsnanagara, he understood my desire and drew a map of Navadvipa-mandala. This map was printed inside the book  Sri Navadvipa-dhama-mahatmya in a simplified form. (Biography of Thakura Bhaktivinoda)


5.What was Sri Bhaktivinoda's desire regarding Sri Mayapura?


There is a beautiful place on the southern corner of Ballaladighi, where a beautiful temple can be built, and the worship of the Deities of Sri Gaurahga,  Visnupriya, and Sacimata can be performed. As well as Deity worship, various other activities can be performed, such as providing a guesthouse for pilgrims.  A huge festival in March-April and the protection of the Lord's birthplace can easily be carried out.(Visnupriya Palli Magazine Vol. 1)


6.In whose heart did the desire to revive Sri Navadvipa parikrama first appear?


It is the custom that Navadvipa-parikrama should begin from Sri Mayapura. At present there is no place in Mayapura where pilgrims can spend the night. The  duty of rich householder Vaisnavas is to build a huge column at the birthplace of Sriman Mahaprabhu immediately. A huge flag and a bright light should be  placed on top of this column to mark Sri Jagannatha Misra's house. (Visnupriya Palli Magazine Vol. 1)


7. What is the history of Sri Mayapura?


The small villages of Sri Gahganagara and Bharadvaja Tila belong to Antardvipa. The school of Sri Gahgadasa Pandita was situated in Gahganagara. The tract of  land that is found on the northeastern side of Mayapura has been there since the time of Srlnivasa Acarya Prabhu, as described in Bhakti-ratnakara. From  there one can see the place Suvarna Vihara. It is stated in the tantra that this is where Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe, performed austerity. Long  ago, a small river called Bagdevi flowed through Antardvipa and the eastern portion of Mayapura, down to the Ganges. At that time, the temple of Praudha Maya  was situated on the bank of the Bagdevi. Students used to first take bath in the river, and after presenting their credentials in the Praudha Maya temple,  they received their academic degrees. A little southeast of Sivadoba, the dry riverbed of the Bagdevi can still be found.

(Visnupriya Palli Magazine Vol. 1)


8. Did Sri Bhaktivinoda exhibit intense eagerness to discover the lost places of Sri Gaura's pastimes?


O devotees! Give up other desires and thoughts for now and try to discover the lost places of this great tirtha. Your research will not be as difficult as  the research undertaken by astrologers like Bhaskaracarya and Aryabhatta. They were mundane scholars. Therefore, while researching material subjects, they  were forced to undergo various difficulties, such as inventing many material machines. O devotees who are mad after Nityananda! You do not belong to this  world. If you wish, you can easily do everything. If you only once fall at the lotus feet of Lord Nityananda and pray, you can obtain the transcendental  abode of Svetadvlpa, just as you can get a myrobalan fruit in your hand. If you cry while rolling on the surface of Pahca-tattva's spiritual abode and  exclaim, "O Gaurahga! O Visnupriya! O Lord Nityananda! O Lord Advaita! O Gadadhara! O Srinivasa!" then Sri Panca-tattva will mercifully show you all the  places. O Vaisnavas! Do not wait any longer.(Visnupriya Palli Magazine Vol. 1)


9.When the birthplace of Sri Gaura was discovered, how envious were the professional traders of religion?


When ancient Navadvipa was discovered, the people of modern Kuliya, Navadvipa, became very envious. They began to say so many things and showered various  abusive words on the devotees of Gaurahga. But those who have surrendered their body and mind at the feet of Gaurahga will not retreat because of the  devilish words of such people. Without paying attention to greedy godless people, Gaurahga's devotees endeavor to establish temples and worship the deity.

(Biography of Thakura Bhaktivinoda)


10.Why can the first Sri Gaura appearance festival at Sri Mayapura be compared to the festival at Kheturi?


The festival at Sri Mayapura was so great that, except for the festival at Kheturi, such a festival had never taken place anywhere. About fifty thousand  people came to Mayapura from various distant places to see this great festival. Only a few selfish people, fearing that the prestige of modern Navadvipa  would be diminished, acted against the improvement of Navadvipa. But since the Lord's devotees are well aware of the glories of Navadvipa, they disregarded

the impediments put forth by such people and expressed great pleasure in visiting Sri Mayapura. (Sajjana-tosani 6/1)


11.Does Mahaprabhu desire to observe the festivals in pomp?


Mahaprabhu does not wish to spend lavishly on the festivals in Sri Mayapura. {Sajjana-tosani 12/1)


12.What was Sri Bhaktivinoda's prediction regarding a future temple of Sri Mahaprabhu at Yoga-pitha?


A huge and wonderful temple will be constructed at the birthplace of Mahaprabhu, and the eternal service to Gaurahga will manifest.

(Navadvlpa-mdhatmya Chapter 5)


13.Who are the great benefactors of the Vaisnavas of the future?


Those who are trying their best to keep intact the flow of service to Sri Mayapura will be considered the benefactors of the future world of Vaisnavas.

(Sajjana-tosani 12/1)


14.What was Sri Bhaktivinoda's prediction regarding Sri Mayapura becoming world famous?


Those who take birth as devotees in various races and in many distant countries will one day desire to come and see the birthplace of Sri Mahaprabhu.

(Sajjana-tosani 12/1)


15.What concept did Sri Bhaktivinoda, a follower of Sri Rupa, have to take Sri Gaurasundara to Sri Mayapura?


I long to take the Lord back to Mayapura where, shining in the dress of a young boy with long curly hair and His dhoti folded thrice, He performs pastimes  with His young friends in Isodyana (His own garden). Of course, this sannyasl is my Lord and I am His servant. The different appearances the Lord assumes are  just part of His unlimited pastimes, but still, my heart longs to take the Lord back to Srivasa Pandita's temple on the bank of Prthu-kunda!

(Navadvlpa-bhdva-tarahga Verse 70/71)