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Sri Gaurasundara


1.What is the difference between Sri Caitanya and other ordinary teachers?


If one very carefully and impartially discusses the characteristics, instructions, and scriptural conclusion of Sri Mahaprabhu Caitanyadeva, one will be  compelled to accept Him as sarvacarya or the supreme authority of everything. All the dcaryas who belong to the authorized sampradayas are subordinate to  Him. Although Sri Caitanyadeva is the indwelling Supersoul of all living entities, He has personally manifested before them. Therefore all living entities  should become free from material bondages and drink the nectar of freedom from the lotus feet of Sri Caitanyadeva.(Tattva-sutra 49)


2.Who came first, Sri Krsna or Sri Caitanya?


Sri Krsna and Sri Caitanya are eternally manifested. It is hard to say who manifest first and who manifest second. First Caitanya was there, then He became  Radha and Krsna, and again this combination of Radha and Krsna manifested as Caitanya. The conclusion of this statement is not that one manifested before and  the other manifested later, but both manifestations are eternal.(Jaiva Dharma Chapter 14)


3.Are Krsna and Gaura, separate truths? What are the differences between Them?


Krsna and Gaura Kisora are not separate truths; both of Them are the shelter of madhurya-rasa. The only difference is that in madhurya-rasa there are two  divisions: madhurya (sweetness) and auddrya (magnanimity). When the presence of madhurya is prominent, the Lord manifests as Krsna, and when the presence of  auddrya is prominent, the Lord manifests as Sri Gaurahga. (Jaiva Dharma Chapter 17)


4.Why is Gauranga known as a covered incarnation?


In the age of Kali, the incarnation of the Lord distributes the rarest love of God through the process oiklrtana. Because love of God is rare, Lord Gaurahga,  the best among the Lord's incarnations, is unknown to ordinary living entities.(Rasika Ranjana commentary on Bhagavad-gita 4/8)


5.What are the combined forms of Gaurahga on the path of arcana and bhajana?


On the path of arcana, Sri Gaurahga is worshiped with Visnupriya, and on the path of bhajana, Sri Gaurahga is worshiped with Gadadhara.

(Jaiva Dharma Chapter 14)


6.Is Sn Gaura a paramour?


Know for certain that Sri Nimai is directly the son of Maharaja Nanda. Do not consider Him separate from Krsna. Do not think that because He incarnated in  Navadvipa and exhibited separate pastimes to demonstrate the process of bhajana that He is therefore Navadvipa-nagara or the paramour of Navadvipa. If you  think in that way, you will ruin your bhajana; your bhajana should be in the mood of Vraja.(Jaiva Dharma Chapter 39)


7.What is the difference in worshiping Krsna by following or by not following in the footsteps of Gauranga?


Anyone who worships Krsna without first chanting the holy names of Gaura, attains Krsna after a long, long time. Whereas a person who chants the holy names  of Gaura, immediately attains Krsna because such a person is free from all offenses.(Navadvipa-mahdtmya Chapter 7)


8.Unless one takes shelter of Gaura, one cannot worship Sri Radha Govinda properly. Does this mean that the worship performed by previous dcdryas was  incomplete?


Unless one worships Krsna by taking shelter of the lotus feet of Sri Gaurahgadeva, one cannot achieve the ultimate goal of life. Before the advent of Sri  Gaurahga, many great personalities like Srlman Madhavendra Puri performed their bhajana, which was full of love of God. Although Sri Gaurahgadeva had not  externally manifested at that time, nevertheless, their hearts were filled with His sentiments.(Sajjana-tosani 11/6)


9.Why is it a disturbance to worship Gaura but neglect Krsna, or to worship Krsna but neglect Gaura?


The unfortunate situation is that those who have resolved to give up the worship of Krsna to worship Sri Gaurahga do not follow the order of Sri Gaurahga.  There is no difference between Gaura and Krsna. Some people think that by taking shelter of Gaurahga's lotus feet they do not need to remember Krsna. We can  understand that such persons think Gaura and Krsna are different. There is no difference between the pastimes of Krsna and Gaura; they are the same. In the  pastimes of Krsna, the object of worship is exhibited, whereas in the pastimes of Gaura, the process of that worship is exhibited. Worshiping without the  object and simply following the process can never become complete. The more one studies the characteristics of Sri Gaurahga, the more one develops love for  the pastimes of Krsna. And the more one studies the pastimes of Krsna, the more one remembers the pastimes of Gaura. One can never relish Krsna without  Gaura, and one can never relish Gaura without Krsna. When someone firmly believes that Sri Gaurahga is the supreme worshipable Lord, the Krsna pastimes of  Sri Gaurahga fully manifest to such a person. Although these topics are most confidential, I have to disclose them with great distress. Some wicked people  propose, "We will worship Gaura but we will not remember Krsna" or "We will worship Krsna but we will not remember Gaura." This is most unfortunate.  (Sajjana-tosanl 11/6)