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1.What are the principal precepts of Sri Sajjana-tosani magazine?


asesa klesa vislesa paresavesa sadhini

jiyad esa para patii sarva sajjana tosani


This spiritual magazine, Sajjana-tosani, is meant to destroy unlimited miseries of the living entities, to award transcendental feelings toward the Absolute Truth, and to please all the devotees of the Lord. {Sajjana-tosani Vol. 4)


2.What is the meaning of Sajjana-tosani?


The pure state of the living entity's constitutional propensity is "love of God." That is the ultimate goal of the living entity. The lives of those who can revive that propensity even while remaining in the conditional state are glorious. Those who have not awakened pure love of God but are aiming to do so in their life are also glorious, because within a short time they will also become glorious. These great personalities are called sajjana. The purpose of this newspaper is to satisfy such personalities. Therefore the name of this newspaper is Sajjana-tosani .(Sajjana-tosani 2/4)


3.What subject does Sajjana-tosani discuss?


Sajjana-tosani will not discuss temporary news of the material world. Such news is published daily in various newspapers. The aim of this newspaper is to discuss the eternal constitutional duties of the living entities.(Sajjana-tosani 2/4)


4.Is Sajjana-tosani the supplier of mundane news?


I am a poor Vaisnava. I have no interest in big, big mundane topics such as the battle between Britain and Russia, the demarcation of Afghanistan's border, and the qualification or incompetence of the Governor Generals. I do not need to waste my time in this way. My only duty is to award spiritual benefit to the Indians, particularly the Bengalis. While carrying out that duty, whatever topics I need to discuss I must do it. I do not have any special connection with mundane newspapers. Still, to see how much the hearts of the Indians are turning toward devotional service to Krsna, I read almost all the newspapers. When I read some articles regarding the fight between the British and the Bengalis in those newspapers, I feel hurt in my heart. (Sajjana-tosani 2/5)


5.What has been the good result of circulating the newspaper Sajjana-tosani?


In the beginning, the Vaisnava society did not have a newspaper. Now we can see that being encouraged by the success of Sajjana-tosani, a newspaper called Ratnakara, which preaches Vaisnavism is being published in Dhaka; a newspaper called Sri Hari Bhakti Pradayini is being published in Balesvara; and a newspaper called Vaisnava is being published in Calcutta.


Sajjana-tosani also aims to preach Vaisnavism among modern societies. The supremely pure Vaisnava religion is gradually entering into the hearts of the members of modern societies. We hope that these members soon achieve devotional service to Hari. Sajjana-tosani has also become quite effective among the pure householder Vaisnavas. Seeing the good result, the publisher of this humble newspaper, who is an unalloyed maidservant of Sriman Mahaprabhu, is feeling great pleasure. (Sajjana-tosani 2/12)


6.Is Sajjana-tosani the first spiritual newspaper in Bengali? Did its preaching bring any success?


At one time, Sajjana-tosani was the only spiritual newspaper, but now the Sajjana-tosani has brought so much spiritual excitement in the minds of many people that many other spiritual newspapers are being published. This is indeed an auspicious symptom.

(Sajjana-tosani 12/1)


7.Is the editor of Sajjana-tosani interested to publish the biographies of the mahajanas?


We have a strong desire to elaborately publish the glories of the great personalities, but we cannot fulfill this desire, because the poor Sajjana-tosani is extremely thin. If pious people ever make Sajjana-tosani bigger and healthier, then our desire can be fulfilled. (Sajjana-tosani 2/6)


8.What is the history of Sajjana-tosani?


Sajjana-tosani first was published at Nadala in April 1882. When some residents of Nadala established a new printing press and asked me for some work, I printed my first edition of Sajjana-tosani there. Later on, we kept moving place and could not publish the newspaper regularly. Finally, when I stayed at Barasat, I published in English the journal Nityarupa-samsthapanam, written by Sri Upendra Gosvaml. When this English edition was published in 1883, the Sajjana-tosani was temporarily suspended. In 1885, a Vaisnava fund was established at my house in Rambagan. Thereafter I spent some time at Saptagrama. Then, the Sajjana-tosani started coming out again. Later, Sajjana-tosani was again discontinued as an individual newspaper and merged into Sri Visva-vaisnava Sabha. From 1892, Sajjana-tosani again began to come out regularly.(Autobiography of Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura)


9. Why was Sajjana-tosani not published for two years? Who became her sister concern?


Sajjana-tosani was sleeping for almost two years. For various reasons we had no opportunity to break her sleep. Being encouraged by members of the Vaisnava Sabha, I have requested the sleeping girl to please wake up and again sing the glories of Hari and explain the science of Hari. Out of love, the ecstatic girl again took up her duty. Now the devotees can hear her words attentively. Previously, Sajjana-tosani was alone, now she will be together with her sister named Premapracarini and will shower the nectarean science of Sri Hari. We hope that the hearts of the devotees will be satisfied. The more the devotees express their eagerness, the more the two girls carry out their duties perfectly.

{Sajjana-tosani 2/1)