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Illusory Energy of the Lord


1.Is the mode of goodness the cause of material bondage?


The shackles of maya are of three kinds. They are shackles made of the mode of goodness, shackles made of the mode of passion, and shackles made of the mode of ignorance. The illusory energy or maya binds the punishable living entities accordingly. The living entities are entangled by the shackles of maya, regardless of whether they are situated in the mode of goodness, passion, or ignorance. Although golden shackles, silver shackles, and iron shackles are made of different metals, nevertheless they are shackles and nothing else.(Jaiva Dharma Chapter 16)


2.Which sense enjoys which material object?


Form by the eyes, sound by the ears, smell by the nose, taste by the tongue, feeling heat and cold, soft and hard by the sense of touch—in this way, the five senses enjoy.(Sajjana-tosanl 10/9)


3.What is the definition of happiness for conditioned souls?


The attached householders, who are absorbed in various material miseries in family life, constantly search after the remedy of their miseries. In this way they think that they are happy. Happiness in this world is not actually happiness, only a remedy for some distress.

(Sri Bhdgavatdrka-marici-mdld 8-13)


4.What is the position of the conditioned souls?


Because of their misdeeds, the conditioned souls fall into the ocean of material existence and suffer perpetually. They continue swimming, trying to reach the shore, but they can't, because the material ocean is unlimited and insurmountable.(Gitamala 10-1)


5.What result do the conditioned souls achieve after being disturbed in the happiness and distress of repeated birth and death?


Conditioned souls think that material life is the source of happiness and separation from this life is the source of distress. Thus they give up the shelter of the Lord's lotus feet. Being asslike servants of mdyd, they become fully absorbed in material life.

(Gltdmdld 8-6)


6.Why is it wrong to have attachment for one's material belongings, opulence, wife, children, and relatives?


Material wealth is of no value. Supreme wealth is spiritual knowledge. Just once consider this in your heart. You have no real relationship with your wife, sons, and friends. After your death, they will immerse your body in water and return to their homes. If one cannot claim anything as one's own, why hold onto the false hope and desire of material relationships, and why hold onto the thirst for material belongings; material belongings are like a drop of water, unable to quench one's thirst.(Sri Navadvipa Mahdtmya Chapter 7)


7.Why are the living entities entangled in the cycle of birth and death?


O Lord! You are the personification of complete spiritual bliss. I am a fragmental spiritual spark. Therefore, by nature I am Your servant. You are supremely independent and I am dependent on You. I have brought about my ruination by rejecting Your lotus feet. When I misused my independence and turned to mdyd, my original nature left me. Conditioned by mdyd, I came into the material world and fell into the wheel of karma. By Your sweet will, mdyd binds me with the iron chain of misfortune. By this unseen power of Yours, I have been put into the womb of MalinI as her son in the house of Srlvasa. (Gltdmdld 8/1-3)


8.Does Krsna associate with maya?


As the sun cannot enjoy its shadow, Krsna cannot enjoy mdyd. What to speak of Krsna enjoying mdyd, He is not even seen by persons who are under the shelter of mdyd. Yet simply by the mercy of Krsna one can easily see Him through samadhi. (Sri Krsna-samhita Chapter 3-15)