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Energies of Sri Gaura                                           



1.In what manner does Sri Laksmipriya love Sri Gaurasundara?


LaksmI is the eternal consort of the Supreme Lord, and the Supreme Lord is the eternal husband of LaksmI. Therefore the eternal love that exists between Them  is natural.(Amrta-pravaha-bhasya, Caitanya-caritamrta Adi 14/64)


2.Who is Sri Visnupriya?


Sri Visnupriya is the Lord's combined energies of hladinl and sarhvit. In other words, she is the personification of devotional service. She appeared during  the advent of Sri Gaura to assist Him in preaching the holy names of the Lord. Just as Sri Navadvlpa, which consists of nine islands, is the personification  of the nine types of devotional service, similarly, Srimatl Visnupriya is also the personification of the nine types of devotional service.

(Jaiva Dharma Chapter 14)


3.What is the harm if one does not worship Sri Visnupriya?


If one gives up the worship of Visnupriya, one cannot claim to be a devotee of the Lord.(Sajjana-tosani 4/4)


4.What are the symptoms of persons who disrespect Sri Visnupriya-devi?


Those who separate themselves from Sri Visnupriya certainly separate themselves from devotional service. As ignorant bhattdcdryas make a partition between  themselves and the goddess of learning, similarly so-called Vaisnavas, who are devoid of devotional service, also make a partition between themselves and Sri  Visnupriya.(Sajjana-tosani 4/4)


5.Does Sri Bhaktivinoda view Sri Gaura-Gadadhara as Sri Radha-Madhava?


O my dear fresh youth Gauranga! O enchanter of my mind! When will You mercifully appear before me in the forest of Godrurha? When will You appear inside  Ananga-sukhada-kufija with Gadadhara on Your left? Your bodily hue will be golden, Your hair will be curly, and You will be dressed as an expert dancer.  Thereafter You and Gadadhara will transform into the beautiful forms of Radha-Madhava. Wearing an attractive flower garland around Your neck, You will dance  with the gopis. Then Anahga-manjari will catch hold of the hands of this maidservant and offer her at Your lotus feet. I will see the sweet beauty of the  divine couple to the satisfaction of my eyes.



6.What is the identity and service of Sri Svarupa, who is the energy of Sri Gaura, and Sri Raghunatha, who is very dear to Sri Svarpa?


Sri Svarupa Gosvami is Lalita-devi. Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami entered into her group and offered confidential service to the Lord of Vraja.

(Amrta-pravaha-bhasya, Caitanya-caritamrta Antya 6/241)


7.What confidential service did Sri Svarupa offer to Sri Gaura?


Svarupa Gosvaml was very expert in the scriptures and proficient in the art of music and singing. Realizing Svarupa Gosvami's expertise in singing, Sriman  Mahaprabhu gave him the name Damodara. When the name Svarupa, which was given to him by his sannydsa guru, was added, he became famous as Damodara Svarupa.  He composed a book of music called Sahglta-ddmodaru. {Amrta-pravaha-bhasya, Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya 10/116)


8.The unalloyed devotees of mddhurya-rasa have taken shelter of the holy names of the Lord. Who is their spiritualmaster?


O Hari! Sri Rupa Gosvami, in the form of my spiritual master, instructed me through my ears, "Take my words and pray at the feet of the holy name. By singing  the Lord's holy name you will achieve love of God." (Sarandgati)


9.What is the truth of Sri Rupa, the energy of Sri Gaura?


When will I approach Sri Rupa-manjarl to learn the mellows of devotional service? I will happily reside on the bank of Radha-kunda under her subordination.



10.Where do the associates in gaura-lild and krsna-lila reside?


There are two divisions in the original abode of Vrndavana. They are called Krsna-pitha and Gaura-pitha. In Krsna-pitha, eternally-perfect and  ternally-liberated associates, who enjoy the mood of mddhurya with a little audarya, associate with Krsna. The same eternally-perfect and eternally-liberated  associates, who enjoy the mood of audarya with a little madhurya, are found in Gaura-pitha. Sometimes these associates expand to enjoy pastimes with the Lord  in both plthas and sometimes they remain at one pltha in their original form and do not stay at the other pltha. While executing sddhana, those who worship  only Gaura will serve only at Gaura-pitha after they achieve perfection; those who worship only Krsna will live at Krsna-pltha; and those who worship Krsna  and Gaura will assume two bodies and simultaneously reside at both the plthas. This is the supreme mystery of Gaura Krsna's philosophy of acintya-bhedabheda.  (Jaiva Dharma Chapter 17)


11.How did Mahaprabhu propagate His teachings?


The specialty of Sriman Mahaprabhu's pastime is that He preached His different teachings through His different devotees, who were expert in their respective  types of devotional service. (Hari-nama-cintamani)


12.What services did Sri Gaurasundara entrust upon His different associates?


Sriman Mahaprabhu ordered Sri Svarupa Damodara to preach about the worship of the Lord through loving devotional service. According to the Lord's order, Sri  Svarupa Damodara composed his kadaca, writing, in two parts. He described worshiping the Lord in the mood of transcendental mellows. In the first part, he  described the internal path and in the second, the external path. He taught the internal path to Sri Raghunatha dasa Gosvami, who revealed it in his own  books, and the external path to Srimad Vakresvara Gosvami. Sriman Mahaprabhu empowered and ordered Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Advaita Prabhu to preach the  glories of the Lord's holy name. He empowered and ordered Sri Rupa Gosvami to reveal the science of the mellows of devotional service. He ordered Sri  Sanatana Gosvami to preach about vaidhl-bhakti and its relationship with ragdnuga-bhakti. He also ordered Sri Sanatana Gosvami to establish the relationship  between the manifest and the unmanifest pastimes of Gokula. Through Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Sri Sanatana, Sriman Mahaprabhu empowered Sri Jlva Gosvami to  establish the science of sambandha, abhidheya, and prayojana. (Jaiva Dharma Chapter 39)


13. Do the devotees of Sri Gaura know the difference between aisvarya and mddhurya-rasal


The servants of Sriman Mahaprabhu know very well about the subtle differences between the mood of servitorship to Narayana that is mixed with aisvarya  (opulence) and the mood of servitorship to Krsna that is mixed with madhurya (sweetness).(Sajjana-tosanl 7/3)