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Associates of Sri Krsna


1.What are the characteristics of the devotees in Vaikuntha?


Five kinds of devotees are eternally present in Vaikuntha. They are jhdna-bhaktas, suddha-bhaktas, prema-bhaktas, premapara-bhaktas, and prematura-bhaktas.  Jhdna-bhaktas such as Bharata engage in nine types of devotional service to the Lord's lotus feet with awe and reverence; they disregard liberation, and  their devotion is mixed with jhana. Suddha-bhaktas such as Ambarisa are free of the desire for karma, jhana, and vairagya; they only desire devotional  service. Prema-bhaktas such as Ltanuman only desire to serve the Lord with love. Premapara-bhaktas such as Arjuna are bound by pure love, are well-wishers of  the Lord, are friends of the Lord, and always hanker to see the Lord. Prematura-bhaktas such as Uddhava are always overwhelmed by their wealth of love and  are attracted to the Lord in various wonderful loving relationships.(Brhad-bhagavatamrta purport)


2.Does Lord Narayana have a father and a mother in Vaikuntha?


Because of the principle of opulence in Vaikuntha, there is no possibility of an eternal father or mother there. Yet, if the devotees remember the loving  feelings of Nanda and Yasoda, they feel shivering in their bodies.(Brhad-bhagavatamrta purport)


3.Where do the pure devotees of Vraja and Navadvipa live?


By the inconceivable potency of Krsna, devotees of various rasas live in Goloka. Pure devotees who worship the Lord in the mood of Vraja live in Krsnaloka,  and devotees who worship the Lord in the mood of Navadvipa live in Gauraloka. Devotees who worship the Lord in both the moods of Vraja and Navadvipa live  simultaneously in Krsnaloka and Gauraloka.(Brahma-samhita 5/5)


4.Do the devotees who are attached to the Lord's spiritual pastimes become overwhelmed by His opulence?


The transcendental devotees are so much overwhelmed by the Lord's sweetness that they cannot accept the Lord's opulence in spite of its presence. This  nescience, however, is not material.(Sri Krsna-samhita Chapter 4)