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Abode of Sri Krsna


1.What is the order of places from Devldhama to Haridhama?


First there is Devldhama, this material world, which consists of fourteen worlds, such as Satyaloka. Above that is Sivadhama. A portion of this dhama is dark  and known as Mahakala. Beyond this darkness is the great illuminating abode of Sadasiva. Above that is Haridhama, the spiritual abode of Vaikuntha.

{Brahma-sarhhita 5/43)


2.Has the Vedas described that there is no variegatedness in Vaikuntha?


In some places, the Upanisads say that the Supreme Brahman is impersonal. It should be understood that in the material world atomic particles of water, air,  and fire are distinct because of their respective material characteristics. Such material distinctions do not exist in the spiritual world. The Vedic  literature, however, never says that there is no variety in the spiritual world. Existence and variety are simultaneously present everywhere. (Prema-pradipa Chapter 9)


3.What is the difference between the variegated nature of the materia] and the spiritual worlds?


To understand the variegated nature of the spiritual world requires deep meditation. The variegated nature of the material world is temporary happiness and  distress. The variegated nature of the spiritual world is vast and full of spiritual bliss. {Brahma-samhita 5/56)


4.Do the four objectives of life found in the materialworld exist in Gokula?


Liberation to Vaikuntha, religiosity, economic development, and sense gratification are situated in Gokula in their appropriate place in the form of seeds.

{Brahma-samhita 5/5)


5.What is the difference between Goloka and Gokula?


There is no difference between Goloka and Gokula. The only difference is that Goloka, which is the highest platform in the spiritual world and the place of  Krsna's pastimes, is known as Gokula in the material world.{Brahma-samhita 5/2)


6.What is the difference between Mathura-mandala and Goloka?


Goloka, where the Lord's unmanifest pastimes take place, is Mathura in the material world, where the Lord's manifest pastimes take place.

{Jaiva Dharma Chapter 31)


7.How can we understand the Lord's manifest and unmanifest pastimes of Vraja?


The most confidential interior of the eternal spiritual abode of Goloka is called Vraja. Just as the pastimes of Krsna are manifest in the material world,  similarly pastimes are also eternally manifest in Vraja. There, the pastimes in the mood of parakiya-rasa eternally exist. In the third chapter of Sri  Caitanya-caritamrta, Sri Krsnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami wrote, "At the end of Dvapara-yuga of the twenty-eighth cycle of four yugas, Lord Krsna appears in this  world with His Vraja-dhama." By the words vrajera sahite, "with Vraja," it is clearly understood that there is an inconceivable spiritual abode called Vraja.  Krsna, through His spiritual potency, appeared in the material world with His abode of Vraja. Parakiya-rasa exists only in the eternal Vraja, which is the  internal part of Goloka. In the manifest Vraja, the variegatedness of the unmanifest Vraja have been perceived by the living entities.

{Amrta-pravaha-bhasya, Caitanya-caritamrta Adi 4/46-50)


8. How can one perceive Goloka in Gokula?

The Lord's transcendental pastimes are eternal. One who is qualified to see pure spirit can see Goloka. What to speak of this, one can even see Goloka in  Gokula. One whose intelligence is conditioned by the illusory energy can never see Goloka. Such a person sees Gokula as the material world, although Gokula  is nondifferent from Goloka.{Jaiva Dharma Chapter 31)


9. What is the nature of the abode of Krsna?


The abode of Krsna is full of bliss. Although opulence is present there in full form, it has no influence. Everything there is full of sweetness and eternal  bliss. Flowers, fruits, and trees are the assets of the abode of Krsna. The cow are His subjects, the cowherd boys His friends, and the gopis His  girlfriends. Butter, yogurt, and milk are the food. The forests and gardens are full of love for Krsna. The River Yamuna engages in the service of Krsna. The  females are the maidservants of Krsna. The Personality, who in His various expansions accepts the worship and respect of everyone, is the only life and soul  of that abode. Sometimes He is respected as much as the worshipers, and sometimes He is even treated inferior to them.

{Caitanya-siksamrta 1/1)


10.What is the nature of the pastimes in Goloka?


Goloka is the eternally perfect transcendental abode; therefore the sentiments of the pastimes make perfect the flow of rasa.

(Brahma-samhitd 5/37)


11.Who is qualified to see the abode of the Lord?


Both Vraja and Navadvipa appear mundane in the eyes of materialistic persons. Fortunate souls who are endowed with spiritual vision are able to see the  Lord's abode.(Jaiva Dharma Chapter 14)