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Abode of Sri Gaura


1.Is there any difference between Sri Gauda-mandala and Vraja-mandala?


I will not differentiate between the residents of Gauda and Vraja. In this way, I will always reside in Vraja, see the actual form of the dhama, and become.a  maidservant of Radharanl.(Saranagati)


2.Why have Navadvipa, Vraja, and Goloka manifest differently even though they are one in truth?


Navadvlpa-mandala, Vraja-mandala, and Goloka are one indivisible truth. They have manifest differently because of their unlimited different loving  sentiments.(Brahma-samhita 5/5)


3.What pastimes does Lord Krsna perform in Goloka,in Vraja, and in Svetadvipa?


Goloka, Vrndavana, and Svetadvipa are the interior of the spiritual sky. In Goloka, Krsna performs His svaklya pastimes, in Vrndavana His parakiya pastimes,  and in Svetadvipa the remainder of His pastimes. In truth, there is no difference between Goloka, Vrndavana, and Svetadvlpa. Sri Navadvipa is nondifferent  from Svetadvlpa, and it is also nondifferent from Vrndavana. {Jaiva Dharma Chapter 14)


4.Why is Navadvipa called the abode of audarya?


Because Sri Gauracandra appeared in Navadvipa, it is the crest jewel of all holy places. Offenders are punished at other holy pilgrimage places, but they are  purified in Navadvipa-dhama. Examples of this are the two brothers Jagai and Madhai, who committed great offenses yet still received Nitai-Gaura.

{Navadvipa Mahatmya Chapter 1)


5.When can one see the nature of the spiritual abode?


Through eyes affected by material illusion, one will see only a small house, some earth, water, and a few articles. Nevertheless, if maya becomes merciful  and lifts her covering, one will see a vast spiritual dwelling.{Navadvipa-bhava-taranga Verse 11)


6.Why is Godruma nondifferent from Nandagrama?


Godrurha is nondifferent from Nandlsvara, the home of Nanda Maharaja and the cowherd men. Gaurahga performs various pastimes there. Having eaten some milk  products at a cowherd's house, Nimai goes with His gopa friends and herds the cows.{Navadvipa-bhava-taranga Verse 44)


7.How do the devotees of Gaura hanker to reside at Godruma?


I do not want to reside at Kasi or offer obeisances to the forefathers at Gaya. I reject liberation and the four objectives of life. I am not afraid of going  to hell or suffering in the material world if, by the mercy of the Lord, I get an opportunity to live in Sri Godruma.{Navadvipa-sataka Verse 100)


8.What prayer do the devotees of Gaura make to Koladvipa?


O Koladvipa, please be merciful to this worthless person. Kindly allow me to reside in Navadvipa among the devotees, and give me the right to the wealth of  the pastimes of Gaurahga. He is my Lord in life and in death.{Navadvipa-bhava-taranga Verse 75)


9. Where is the place where offenses are nullified?


The present city of Navadvipa, formerly known as the village of Kuliya, is situated on the western bank of ancient Navadvipa. This is the place where the  offenses of Devananda Pandita and Gopala Capala were nullified. In those days, one had to cross a branch of the Ganges to go from Vidyanagara to Kuliya, and  to go from Kuliya to Navadvipa, one had to cross the main river of BhaglrathI [another name of the Ganges]. Even today, one can see the ruins of those  places, such as Cinadahga, which was formerly situated in Kuliya and is now known as Kolera Gahja. {Amrta-pravdha-bhasya, Caitanya-caritamrta Madhya 1/151)


10.At which forest of Vraja did Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura see the village of Campahatta?


In Campahatta village is a campaka forest from which the gopi Campakalata gathers flowers to make garlands for Radha and Krsna. This place is nondifferent  from Khadiravana in Vraja, where Krsna and Balarama take rest.{Navadvipa-bhava-taranga Verse 78)


11.At which forest did Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura see the island of Modadruma?


The forest of Modadruma is nondifferent from Sri Bhandiravana in Vraja, where the birds and beasts are all spiritual entities.

{Navadvipa-bhava-taranga Verse 110)


12.What blessings did Sri Bhaktivinoda Thakura bestow upon the residents of "the world of Kali," Calcutta?


O brothers of Calcutta! You are glorious because you are living in a place that used to be the village called Varahanagara. Because Sri Gaurahga performed  His pastimes there, that place is nondifferent from Sri Vrndavana. Because Bhagavata Acarya, a most intimate associate of Sri Gaurahga, performed his  devotional service there, it is an auspicious place. O devotees who live in Calcutta! When will we become absorbed in chanting the holy names of Krsna  together in the transcendental grooves of Syama-manjari? It is most unfortunate that we abandon gold in our own yard and search for gold in other countries.

(Sajjana-tosani 9/12)