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Eighth Octet -- If Only You would Come Again



1) Lord Chaitanya's method of devotional service is not performed in solitude. You preached this again and again to your own devotees.


2) Just as the Lord delivered Jagai and Madhai out of His own causeless mercy, you explained to everyone that this same method of preaching work has to go on.


3) The world has now filled up with many Jagais and Madhais to deliver. Everyone is anxiously looking down the road waiting for Chaitanya-Nitai to come to their rescue.


4) If, at such a time as this, you were to personally return to this world and once more preach about all these things the way you always used to do.


5) If there were enthusiastic preaching activities again taking place in every direction, then all the people as before would be stirred up in blissful excitement.


6) Your profound shouting would cause the demons and atheists to flee, and your narrations of Lord Chaitanya's message would fill the hearts of the innocent souls.


7) Again the whole world would be excitedly bustling with good tidings; but as it is, in your absence now there is nothing of value anywhere.


8) O Shrila Prabhupada! You personally suffer to see the suffering of the fallen conditioned souls. On this day of your separation I am utterly despondent.


9) O Master! My heart is broken in your absence. This disciple named Abhay has hereby revealed only a small token of his wretched agony of separation.