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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada > Viraha Ashtaka > (8)



Adored master,

You patiently reminded all of your disciples time and time again

that devotional service to Lord Chaitanya

is not performed exclusively in solitude.

You took great care to painstakingly explain to all of us

That just as the Lord out of His causeless mercy

preached everywhere and delivered Jagai and Madhai,

So does the exact same preaching work

need to be continued in the present day.

The world has now become filled with countless Jagais and Madhais,

And it is clear to all that the only means for their salvation

is the path shown by Chaitanya-Nitai.


If you were to come again at this time, Shrila Prabhupada,

and personally reestablish the proper understanding of all these things

in all the ten directions

The joy of the people would know no bounds.

Hearing the deeply resonant sound of your voice

loudly proclaiming the victory of Mahaprabhu's mission,

The demons and atheists would flee,

And the thirsty living entities

would drink the divine nectar-message of Lord Gauranga

to their complete fulfillment.

The whole world would once again be set aright.

Whereas in your absence,

nothing of value is to be found anywhere.



this Abhay makes his cry of appeal, O Gurudeva,

in the bitter throes of separation from your lotus feet.

You compassionately felt the suffering of the jivas to be your own,

And I am indeed feeling lost and alone

on this day of your disappearance from our vision.