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O beloved master,

Shri Krishna Chaitanya is the very personification of compassion,

And you are the very personification of His message

That the chanting of the Holy Name is the singular infallible means

of crossing the turbulent ocean of material existence

And entering a life of joyous self-dedication in the service of the Divine Couple.

Lord Gaurahari made the entire world the recipient of His causeless grace,

And you are vigorously distributing that grace

to every town and village of the world.

You personally traveled all over India,

Even in the South

And you sent your devotees

to save the inhabitants of the Western countries as well

from their moth-like rush headlong into the flames of self-destruction.


Mahaprabhu employed many clever tricks

to engage the conditioned souls in devotional service,

And you were expert at understanding all these things

and following closely in His holy footsteps.

You understood exactly what was required to be preached

in perfect accordance with time, place, circumstance, and audience:

And although the leaders of the sheep-like masses

devout in their worship of the idol of mongrelized logic

could not understand;

Though the blind lawyers, though having eyes,

could not see;

And though the many nonsensical groups of deviators and imitators

could not appreciate

The intelligent section of society

Could understand the impeccable purity of your teachings,

Clearly see the utter selflessness of your motives,

And earnestly appreciate your inexhaustible efforts

to defeat all elements which were opposed to the Absolute Truth.


O Shrila Prabhupada,

You accepted much suffering on your own account

in order to relieve the suffering of humanity at large,

And I am indeed feeling pangs of separation from your lotus feet

on this day of your disappearance from our vision.