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Your lotus lips continuously ushered forth the sweetest nectar

in the form of your instructions regarding the Holy Name of Lord Krishna.

You made the path of spiritual progress so easy and delightful to follow

with your teaching that “Utility is the Principle” -

That anything useful and practical

could be constructively engaged in the service of the Lord

without personal attachment,

And that the sincere practice of such devotional service

with a genuine spirit of detachment

Could transform every house into a mandira

and every common household into a holy sanga.

You lovingly cautioned that the transcendental activities of the Supreme Lord

should never be imitated —

even within one's mind.

You nectarized the ears of all persons,

Filling their hearts with sublime attachment

to singing, dancing, and worshipping the Lord

in accordance with the standards established by the previous Acaryas.

You magnanimously offered everyone the divine qualifications

to distribute the pure Holy Name for the deliverance of the whole world.


But alas, in your absence,

Nescience has now once again stealthily crept onto the scene,

Creating a most disturbing complication:

Those who are conspicuously unqualified

have taken to the practice of performing solitary bhajana

In strict accordance with the dictates of their own minds

and exclusive devotion to their own impassioned senses.

Garbed in fraudulent attire

and lavishly adorned with feigned emotions,

Such persons have, by their selfish strategy,

woefully left their blemishing effect upon the body of society.

O Shrila Prabhupada,

You suffered much upon seeing the regrettable plight of misguided humanity.

I am feeling especially lost and alone in separation from your lotus feet

on this day of your departure from our vision.