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Cutting through the web of illusion,

The overflowing ocean of mercy Shri Nityananda Rama

Ordained that the flood of love of God bestowed by Him

be distributed throughout the world.

Unfortunately, those persons to whom the noble responsibility was given

to spread this divine God-consciousness

Were tragically stricken by the disease of caste-consciousness,

And in their hands

which were always busy performing formal ritualistic ceremonies,

the exalted title “Goswami”

became merely another family surname,

And the channel of divine current became blocked.


Therefore you personally came, O beloved master Shrila Prabhupada,

To demolish the dam of Maya

And re-release the eager floodtide of prema-bhakti.

By your potency

The divine tidal wave of Mahaprabhu's all-encompassing grace

once again inundated the entire world,

Falling upon even such wretched and fallen souls as myself.

Taking the order of Lord Chaitanya as your very life's breath,

You sent your dedicated servitors door to door

to deliver the whole of humankind.

Under your infallible direction the message of Godhead was preached

From the shorefronts of the ocean

to the peaks of the Himalayas.


But now you,

who suffered so upon seeing the suffering of misguided humanity,

are gone,

And the world once again appears dark and empty.

O Shrila Prabhupada, I am feeling lost and alone in your absence

on this day upon which you departed from our vision.