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NITAAI-Veda.nyf > All Scriptures By Acharyas > Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada > Vaishishtya Ashtaka > (2)


11.     Generally the sannyasis renounce everything and go to stay in mountain caves, but you, O master, keep your sannyasis in mansions of marble.

12.     To see a sense enjoyer is just like drinking poison, but you, O my master, go far and near, even abroad, to give them your darsana.

13.     Mlecchas and yavanas are forbidden to enter the Hindu temples, but you, my Lord, make them the chairman and sit them in the assembly of devotees.

14.     Hindus are not allowed to cross the ocean, but you send your devotees overseas to preach.

15.     In the cities of the Kali-yuga the instructions of bona fide spiritual preceptors are “forbidden;” still you remain there in any way possible.

16.     The devotees want to hide in a secluded place to perform their bhajana. You, however, do not accept this in your judgement.

17.     Wherever there is an increase in the population, in that place the preaching work is to be found.

18.     In London you want a student hostel. You explain that it must be very first class.

19.     In the land of barbarians, a student hostel for preaching hari-katha! Who can understand the significance of these things?

20.     To resolve all these apparently contradictory statements is not the play of some incompetent fool.