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1.       On that day, O my master, I made a cry of grief; I was not able to tolerate the absence of you, my guru.

2.       On this auspicious day I have come with this offering just to worship you, remembering your lotus feet.

3.       Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s judgement is that renunciation is the most important thing. Not only that, but knowledge of such renunciation must be delivered to every living being.

4.       The beginner in devotional service has no ability to do this properly, but you are a maha-bhagavata. You have given us direction.

5.       If one is bewildered by ignorance, what kind of renunciant can he be? He will only be a phalgu-vairagi, renouncing externally.

6.       Renunciation is actually the result of real spiritual emotion. Without such feeling, it is simply known as “show-bottle.”

7.       But there is another show-bottle for the purpose of preaching.  That is the Lord’s sannyasa, by which the Mayavadis are converted.

8.       Lord Chaitanya’s philosophy is beyond varnasrama. It is bhagavata-dharma and is meant for putting an end to all cheating processes of religion.

9.       In performing dry renunciation, there can be no real preaching. Therefore yukta-vairagya is given as the highest essential understanding.

10.     The sannyasa which you have given us is for preaching in devotion. The faithless sense enjoyers are not able to understand this.