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Who is Topmost


The hladini energy means the pleasure potency and by this energy, which is His own, Shri Krishna becomes enthused and relishes His happy moods. The hladini energy is the cause of transcendental happiness for the devotees engaged in the transcendental service of Godhead. The hladini energy in Her very concentrated form is the embodiment of love of Godhead, which produces the emotions of transcendental bliss and knowledge. This transcendental love of Godhead in its mature state is named mahabhava and Shrimati Radharani is mahabhava personified. She is thus described in the Ujjvala-nilamani (4.3) as follows:


tayor apy ubhayor madhye

radhika sarvathadhika


gunair ativariyasi


“Among the cowherd girls, Shrimati Radharani and Shrimati Candravali are the principal gopis. Out of these two, Shrimati Radharani is the topmost because Her position is that of mahabhava or the highest stage of transcendental love of Godhead. No other cowherd girl possesses such high qualities as Shrimati Radharani.”

premera 'svrupa-deha'¾prema-vibhavita

krishnera preyasi-shreshtha jagate vidita


“Shrimati Radharani is love of Godhead personified. She is made of pure love of Godhead. She is therefore celebrated in the universe as the most beloved of Shri Krishna.”

The Brahma-samhita (5.37) describes this as follows:



tabhir ya eva nija-rupataya kalabhih

goloka eva nivasty akhilatma-bhuto

govindam adi-purusham tam aham bhajami


“I worship the primeval Lord Govinda, who in His original form resides in His abode named Goloka along with the transcendental cowherd girls, who are always inspired by the feelings of transcendental bliss and knowledge. That Govinda is the all-pervading Godhead.”

Shrimati Radharani is further described by Shrila Raghunatha dasa Goswami in his Premambhoja-maranda:


The identity of Shrimati Radharani is the personified service of Shri Krishna to fulfill His every desire. Her associates such as Lalita, Vishakha, and other friends are the symbols of Her expression of such intimate service. The manifestation of Her first youthfully blooming appearance is the result of Her using the cosmetic made out of the affection of Shri Krishna. Her first (morning) bath is in the nectarean water of youthful energy. The gradual development of Her youthful beauty is the nectar of Her bath in the afternoon. Her evening bath is completed in the water of full-grown youth, and thus the three stages of Her youthful growth is compared with Her bath thrice daily classified under the names of karunyamrita, tarunyamrita, and lavanyamrita. This is the description of Her transcendental body.