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Topmost Love Affairs


On hearing these words, Lord Chaitanya said:


prabhu kahe¾eho haya, age kaha ara

raya kahe¾iha va-i buddhi-gati nahi ara


“Yes, this is all right, but please go still further.” Ramananda replied, “I think my intelligence is unable to go any further!” The stage that is yet to be described is prema-vilasa-vivarta, the feeling of original attraction matured by the feeling of separation. “I do not know if such a description will be to Your satisfaction or not.” Saying this Ramananda sang his own composition, the purport of which is as follows:


pahilehi raga nayana-bhange bhela

anudina badhala, avadhi na gela

na so ramana, na hama ramani

dunhu-mana manobhava peshala jani’


e sakhi, se-saba prema-kahini

kanu-thame kahabi vichurala jani’

na khonjalun duti, na khonjalun an

dunhukeri milane madhya ta panca-bana

ab sohi viraga, tunhu bheli duti

su-purukha-premaki aichana riti


“O, when We first met each other, the attraction was awakened by simple sight, and such attraction knows no bounds in the course of its growth, because that attraction was due to Our personal inclination. Neither Krishna nor Myself is the cause of such spontaneous attraction but it awakened and pierced Our minds in the form of Cupid. We are now separated from one another. O My dear friend, if you think that Shri Krishna has completely forgotten Me, tell Him that at the first sight We never required any negotiation, neither did We search for any messages. Cupid himself was the agent of Our meeting. But alas, at this time, O My friend, you are doing the job of a messenger when Our attraction is more desirable than before.” This sort of feeling during separation of the lover and the beloved is called prema-vilasa-vivarta, which is the topmost sentiment in loving affairs.

Here is another heartfelt description of the same prema-vilasa-vivarta by Shrila Rupa Goswami in his Ujjvala-nilamani:


radhaya bhavatash ca citta-jatuni

svedair vilapya kramad

yunjann adri-nikunja-kunjara-pate


citraya svayam anvaranjayad iha


bhuyobhir nava-raga-hingula-bharaih

shringara-karuh kriti


“O, the king of the pirates (Shri Krishna) resided in the bowers of Govardhana Hill! The Creator of the Universe, who is very much expert in the art of decoration, has melted the casing of your heart and that of Shrimati Radharani with the perspiration of transcendental symptoms and emotions, and thereby removed the misconception of duality. By such wonderful activities, He has painted both of your hearts in order to play wonders upon the universe.”

The explanation of the sentiment of prema-vilasa-vivarta can only be realized in a pure state of consciousness freed from all material conceptions. This transcendental subject matter is not to be realized in a state of consciousness that is either grossly or subtly influenced by the material body and mind. External consciousness in relation to material intelligence and mind is different from the pure soul. The mellowness of this transcendental subject is relished by the senses engaged in the divine service of the Personality of Godhead.