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The Search of Shri Krishna


Ramananda Raya said that there is no comparison to Shrimati Radharani’s love within the universe. Shrimati Radharani did not like to be equal with all the other gopis. Thus in a mood of erotic anger, She left the arena of the rasa-lila. It was the desire of Shri Krishna that Shrimati Radharani fulfill His necessity for rasa-lila, but when She went away, Shri Krishna became disturbed and in a mood of moroseness He left the rasa-lila arena to search for Shrimati Radharani. Ramananda Rayshlokas from the Gita-govinda (3.1, 2):


kamsarir api samsara-


radham adhaya hridaye

tatyaja vraja-sundarih


itas-tatas tam anushritya radhikam



kritanutapah sa kalinda-nandini

tatanta-kunje vishasada madhavah



“Being afflicted by the arrow of Cupid and unhappily regretting His mistreating Radharani, Madhava (Shri Krishna) began to search for Shrimati Radharani along the banks of the Yamuna River. When He failed to find Her, he entered the bus

All the above statements are of a very, very high standard of transcendental pastimes of the Personality of Godhead and may appear to be like the ordinary stories of a hero and heroine. The whole activity may also appear like the lusty behavior of ordinary men and women, but this is the foolishness of the mundane conception. The complete picture is of transcendental loving service to the Personality of Godhead by the pure senses, completely freed from mundane designations and cleansed of all mundane affairs. Only the highest devotee, who is absolutely purified by the regulative principles of devotional service and who has attained the stage of realizing the degraded nature of mundane erotic activities, can relish these supramundane affairs, although they are described in language that is understandable to the general populace.

The cheerfulness of Lord Chaitanya in relishing the above statements by Ramananda Raya is the proof that they are the highest standard of transcendental expression. Therefore, readers should be careful not to bring these topics down to a level of mundane affairs.

Ramananda Raya continued to explain that by a critical study of the above two shlokas we can know that the rasa-lila is performed in the company of innumerable cowherd girls, but, in spite of this, the Personality of Godhead prefers to remain specifically with Shrimati Radharani. Knowing this, a devotee’s heart becomes swollen with transcendental joy, which may be compared to a mine of nectar.

Hearing about all these transcendental love affairs, the hearts of experienced devotees are filled with an inexplicable supramun- dane joy. They feel that Shri Krishna is equally fond of all the gopis, but He is specifically attracted by the clever and often contradictory dealings of Shrimati Radharani. Thus She contributes the most to the rasa-lila.