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Qualities of Shri Krishna


Ramananda Raya replied that Shri Krishna is dhira-lalita, a person who is very clever, always youthful, expert in joking, free from all anxieties, and very submissive to His beloved. His characteristics are manifested always in His transcendental erotic pastimes. Thus He is constantly engaged in enjoyment with Shrimati Radharani, making a perfection of the frolicsome age of kaishora. This stage of Shri Krishna’s engagement is described by Shrila Rupa Goswami as follows:


vaca sucita-sharvari-rati-kala-pragalbhyaya radhikam

vrida-kuncita-locanam viracayann agre sakhinam asau

tad-vakshoruha-citra-keli-makari-panditya-param gatah

kaishoram saphali-karoti kalayan kunje viharam harih


“Shri Krishna perfectly enjoys the age of His adolescence by His pastimes with Shrimati Radharani in the bowers of Vrindavana. He takes advantage of the cowherd girls by His expertise in the art of painting. He made Shrimati Radharani close Her eyes in shame before Her friends by speaking words of Their lovemaking on the previous night. Then, while She was almost unconscious in a swoon, Shri Krishna, showing the highest limit of cleverness, painted Her breasts with various types of makaras (mystical fish).”