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Positive Consciousness


The pure state of consciousness enjoyed in the transcendental service of Godhead is only partially manifested in the impersonalists through their negation of material engagement. The impersonal negative conception is simply an antidote for material misconception, it has no positive standing. Such a state of consciousness may be somewhat enlightening, but it cannot reach the positive consciousness of the soul in its pure state. Love of Godhead is a pure and positive transcendental subject. The attraction for matter is transient and inferior, and therefore it is best described as only passing for love. The apparent happiness of the material world is really unhappiness. However, the transcendental unhappiness experienced in the prema-vilasa-vivarta has nothing to do with the unhappiness of the material conception.

In concluding this explanation of prema-vilasa-vivarta, the highest stage of transcendental relationships, Lord Chaitanya said,


prabhu kahe¾'sadhya-vastura avadhi' ei haya tomara

prasade iha janilun nishcaya

'sadhya-vastu' 'sadhana' vina keha nahi paya

kripa kari' kaha, raya, pabara upaya


“Now I understand the topmost limit of the ultimate goal of life. This has been possible by your grace. The goal cannot be reached without the endeavor of the devotee and the mercy of a pure devotee. Please therefore let me now know the means of reaching this topmost goal.” Ramananda continued,



raya kahe¾yei kahao, sei kahi vani

ki kahiye bhala-manda, kichui na jani

tribhuvana-madhye aiche haya kon dhira

ye tomara maya-nate ha-ibeka sthira

mora mukhe vakta tumi, tumi hao shrota

atyanta rahasya, shuna, sadhanera katha

radha-krishnera lila ei ati gudhatara

dasya-vatsalyadi-bhave na haya gocara

sabe eka sakhi-ganera ihan adhikara

sakhi haite haya ei lilara vistara

sakhi vina ei lila pushta nahi haya

sakhi lila vistariya, sakhi asvadaya

sakhi vina ei lilaya anyera nahi gati

sakhi-bhave ye tanre kare anugati

radha-krishna-kunjaseva-sadhya sei paya

sei sadhya paite are nahika upaya



“My Lord, I do not know the means of approaching the ultimate goal of life, but I speak to You whatever You desire me to speak. I do not know if I am speaking correctly or incorrectly. Nobody in the three worlds will not dance according to Your wish. In fact, You speak through my mouth, and it is wonderful that You are the audience as well. Therefore, let me say that the transcendental pastimes of Shrimati Radharani and Shri Krishna are extremely mysterious and confidential. Even those who are ardently engaged in the service of dasya, sakhya, or vatsalya rasas cannot enter into the essence of Their pastimes. Only the eternal associates of Shrimati Radharani, the cowherd girls of Vraja, have the authority to enter into this mystery because this transcendental pastime develops in their association. “The fulfillment of the sweetest of all transcendental pastimes depends on the activities of Shri Radha’s female associates. It is they alone who expand these pastimes and relish their development. Therefore, if anyone wants to reach this stage of transcendental life, he has to do so in the ardent service of such female associates. Only one who follows this principle can become a servitor of Shrimati Radharani and Shri Krishna in the groves of Shri Vrindavana. There is no other alternative in this regard.”