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Not For Ordinary People


Shrimati Radharani is the most important of all the gopis, and Her specific loving service is the highest expression of madhurya-prema. Therefore, it is better that the neophyte practitioners in the devotional field not try to understand the intimacies of Shrimati Radharani’s confidential service. However, expecting that submissive and bona fide devotees will understand Shrimati Radharani’s service in the future, these confidential discussions are described by Shrila Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami in his Chaitanya-caritamrita.

Devotees who have been fortunate enough to rise to the spontaneous service of Godhead, raganuga-bhakti, and who have developed an attraction for madhurya-prema, may follow in the footsteps of the confidential associates of Shrimati Radharani and their assistants called the manjaris.

The ecstasy that was felt by Shrimati Radharani when She met Uddhava in Vraja in Her mournful mood of separation from Shri Krishna is personified in Lord Chaitanya. Nobody should imitate Lord Chaitanya’s transcendental feelings because it is impossible for a living being to reach that stage. However, at a stage of developed consciousness one can simply follow in His footsteps. These are the hints given by experienced and self-realized devotees in the line of Shrila Rupa Goswami.