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No Entrance for Lakshmidevi


Without pursuing the footsteps of the gopis, no one can obtain the spiritual body of a sakhi and render service to Shri Krishna, even if the devotional service is rendered in the mood of opulence. A vivid example of this is Shri Lakshmidevi, who desired entrance into the transcendental pastimes of the rasa-lila of Shri Krishna. However, because Lakshmidevi did not follow in the footsteps of the cowherd girls of Vraja, she did not get entrance.

This statement of Ramananda Raya caused Lord Chaitanya to melt in complete ecstasy and thus He embraced him in His arms. Both Ramananda Raya and Lord Chaitanya were overflowing with tears of transcendental joy. The whole night was thus passed in divine conversation, and when the morning came, both Ramananda and Lord Chaitanya went about their respective engagements.

As Lord Chaitanya was leaving, Ramananda fell at his feet and fervently requested Him in the following way:



'more kripa karite tomara ihan agamana

dina dasha rahi' shodha mora dushta mana

toma vina anya nahi jiva uddharite

toma vina anya nahi krishna-prema dite'


“You have come here to bestow Your Divine Grace upon me; therefore, please remain here for at least ten days and see to it that my polluted mind is corrected. There is no one in the world but You who can deliver the fallen souls and there is no one in the world except You who can bestow upon them the transcendental mellowness of love of Godhead.”

Lord Chaitanya replied,


prabhu kahe—ailana shuni’ tomara guna

krishna-katha shuni, shuddha karaite mana

yaiche shunilun, taiche dekhilun tomara mahima


radha-krishna-premarasa-jnanera tumi sima

dasha dinera ka-katha yavat ami jiba'


tavat tomara sanga chadite nariba

nilacale tumi-ami thakiba eka-sange

sukhe gonaiba kala krishna-katha-range