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“B-B”, “M-A”


Two very lazy men lived jointly in a room. By chance, on one winters night the room somehow caught fire. As the fire was spreading, one of the lazy persons felt the heat on his back but didn’t care to get up. When the heat of the fire grew unbearable, the first lazy man didn’t even take the trouble to alert his room-mate. He just uttered two letters only, “B-B” , by which he meant to say, “back burning!”

   The second lazy man was also similarly reluctant to respond with a fully expressed sentence and he only murmured, “M-A” , out of sheer laziness, meaning to advise his friend  to ”move aside”.

   All this time the fire was getting bigger and bigger while the lazy men in their dreamful slumber thought that the night was over and that the sun was up,  and that they were feeling the warmth of sunshine. With this dreaming conjecture, the first lazy man asked the second one without getting out from his bed, “O brother, could you please check how hot the sun is?” 

   The second lazy man thought, “Who wants to take so much trouble?”

   So he replied, “How can I open my eyes?”

   As they were lazily passing the time in this way, both of them were roasted in the blazing fire.



Those who pretend to be residents of the asrama for the sake of practising service to Lord Shri Hari, but who became lazy in offering daily service to the Lord, the spiritual master, and the Vaishnavas, are also susceptible to be caught within the clutches of illusion and ultimately to meet with a similar end.

   The lifestyle of one who has devoted himself to the service of the Lord should never be at any time lazy.