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The Right Whip for the Right Dog


Samba, the son of Shri Krishna, was born with his wife Jambavathi. Once Samba abducted Laksmana, the daughter of  Duryodhana, from the assembly of her probable suitors (svayamvara-sabha). Then four of the Kaurava heroes captured Samba, chained him up and took him along with Laksmana to Hastinapura.

   In retaliation, the Yadavas prepared themselves for a battle against the Kaurava. In order to pacify both parties, Baladeva went to Hastinapura along with a team of brahmanas and elderly persons, after pacifying the Yadavas. Baladeva conveyed the order of King Ugrasena to the Kauravas by saying that the Kauravas being fortified with a large number of soldiers had overpowered and thus captured Samba and that he should forthwith be handed over to Baladeva.

   Upon hearing this order, the Kauravas became greatly agitated and started arrogantly making insinuations against the Yadavas; and they even indulged in hurling many rude comments against Shri Krishna and Baladeva as well. As a result Baladeva decided to submerge the entire city of Hastinapura into the Ganges by using His powerful plough, and the Kauravas then became so afraid that they took shelter of Lord Baladeva, after bringing Samba and Laksmana in front of Him.




In this respect Shri Sukadeva Goswami said,


          nunam nana-mdonnaddhah

          santim necchanti asadhavah /

          tesam hi prasamo dandah

          pasunam lagudo yatha //


“Clearly as many as passions of these scoundrels have made them so proud that they do not want peace. Then let them be pacified by physical punishment, as animals are with a stick.”

(Shrimad Bhagavatam 10.68.31)


Evil-minded persons who are mad with wealth, followers and the like, obviously are unwilling to make peace. As brute animals are subdued only with the use of the right whip or stick, so these animal-like beings deserve no other treatment than beating with a club. Such rogues are not qualified to pay any heed to good advice whatsoever. So beating with a whip is the only true lesson for them.



Quite often Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Goswami Prabhupada used to quote the above-noted verse, strongly advocating appropriate punishment instead of good advice to such critics of Lord Shri Hari, the spiritual masters, and the Vaishnavas, as those people are deemed to be demoniac atheists only.

   People who have no respect for any good advice in this world, usually turn a deaf ear to any preaching. It is also offensive to offer such good advice and preaching to them. They should  simply be treated on the principle of the “right whip for the right dog”.

   A Vaishnavas tolerate alot of vindication on his person and also overcomes hundreds of insinuations as such. But he is unable to stand any criticism against his spiritual master and the Vaishnava community. It is considered to be a true Vaishnava attitude that one becomes agitated at any criticism hurled against the spiritual master and the Vaishnava community in general.

   The impersonalists consider the spiritual masters and the Vaishnavas on the same level as common people only, and as such, they advise one to be falsely tolerant and as submissive as grass whenever confronted with a critical estimate of the spiritual master and the Vaishnavas.