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The Idiot Gardener and Stupid Pandit


A landlord had one gardener for tending his garden and one pandit in his court. Both of them were in the same in as much as one was a gardener knowing very little about plant-care, while the other one, although well-versed in letters, were short in common sense. One day while the landlord was taking a stroll in his garden, he saw by chance that the gardener was pretending to work very laboriously in watering the plants. The idiot gardener, in fact, used to carry a conviction that the leaves, branches and flowers should better be watered profusely because those are the products of a tree. So he was watering very meticulously each and every flower, every leaf and every branch one by one.

   Observing the idiot gardener doing thus, the landlord told him, “What are you doing. Watering each and every flower, leaf and branch will not nourish the entire plant, rather it will die soon as the flowers and the leaves will go rotten from such direct watering. You’d better pour the water at the root, so that the entire plant will get water with less effort, and then it will grow nicely.”

   After advising the stupid gardener, the landlord happen to meet the pandit in his room and found that he to was committing a great blunder. As the gardener was as illiterate as a fool, the pandit, on the other hand, although apparently learned, was a greater fool. The pandit was sitting in front of several dishes of delicious foods and was making small lumps out of the food putting those lumps one after the other into the cavities of his ears, nose, eyes, and on his hands and feet while reciting mantras like “Om karmabhyam svaha, om nasikabhyam svaha om caksurbhyam svaha” etc.

   The silly pandit firmly believed that the senses like the ears, nose, eyes, hands and feet are all the time working very hard and always fulfilling our various desires and therefore they should be satisfied first, before satisfying the stomach and the mouth. The landlord was astounded with the basic folly of the pandit and so he told him that all the senses are nourished automatically if you feed the stomach.



Shrimad Bhagvatam says :


          yatha tarormula nisecanena

          trpyanti tat skandhobhujopasakhah

          prinopaharac ca yathendriyanam

          tathaiva sarvarhanam acyutejya


   “As pouring water on the root of a tree energizes the trunk, branches, twigs and everything else, and as supplying food to the stomach enlivens the senses and limbs of the body, simply worshipping the Supreme Personality of Godhead through devotional service automatically satisfies the demigods, who are parts of that Supreme Personality.”

(SB 4.31.14)