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The Half-young / Half - old Fallacy


Under extreme poverty, a non - Hindu person once took his hen to market for sale. He surmised that it could fetch a very high price if hr declared it to be an ancestral one, because he speculated that usually an old variety of rice, tamarind and ghee is more expensive in the market.

   As such, he was proudly declaring to all potential customers in the market that his hen was of a very old variety of poultry and continued to do so for about a year, unfortunately not a single buyer was interested in buying such a decrepit and diseased hen at any price.

   By chance, an elderly wise man suggested to him that the buyers were reluctant to buy the hen because it had been declared to be an old one, and that they would be naturally interested if it was presented as a young virgin.

   Upon this good advice, the hen - owner conjectured that he had already presented the hen as very old for several months. So he decided to present the hen in the market as half-old  and half-young to attract customers. However, when he did that he was ridiculed by everyone in the market and of cause no one came forward to purchase it.





Those who are impersonalists speculate similarly advocating that Brahman is both formless and as well as with a form. In fact, the realization of completeness of Brahman is greatly affected unless its eternal and transcendental potency is accepted.

   Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu thus says -


          brhad-vastu ‘brahma’ kahi-’shri-bhagavan’

          sad-vidhaisvarya-purna, para-tattva-dhama


          tanre ‘narvisesa’ kahi, cic-chakti na mani

          ardha-svarupa na manile purnata haya hani


“Brahman, who is greater than the greatest is the Supreme personality of Godhead. He is full of six opulences, and therefore He is the reservoir of ultimate truth and absolute knowledge.”

   “When we speak of the Supreme as impersonal, we deny His spiritual potencies. Logically, if you accept half of the truth, you cannot understand the whole.”

(Cc,Adi. 7/138,140)


Those who glorify Shri Gaurasundara, but not Lord Shri Nityananda ,or glorify Lord Shri Nityananda without glorifying Lord Shri Gaurasundara or offer obeisances to Lord Shri Krishna, but not to Lord Shri Gaurasundara; or pay respect to Lord Shri Gaura but not to his spiritual master ,or accept Supreme Godhead, neglecting His devotees or honour His devotees without honouring the Supreme Lord simply speculate on the basis of the fallacy of the half-old and half-young hen.