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The Blind Man Holding the Cows Tail Fallacy


Once upon a time a blind person was going to his father-in-laws house, tracking the way with the help of his walking stick. Very soon while passing through a field he came across a cowherd boy and asked, O brother, would you please do me a favour by leading me to my father-in-laws house?

At this the cowherd replied, I am busy in tending so many cows. If I take you to your father-in-laws house, all the cows will run away. Of course, I can do one thing for you - I can lend you a very docile and faithful cow of mine - you can safely catch hold of her tail and she can smoothly lead you to your in-laws house.

Thus advised by the cowherd, the blind traveller firmly caught hold of the cows tail and the cow began walking while trailing him behind. However, the cow got quite scared of the strong pulling of its tail by a blind person, and hence she behaved so frantically that the blind person was virtually being pulled roughly along the road and through thorny bushes while suffering frequent hard kicks of the cows hind legs. As a result the blind mans body was severely injured and his garments were all torn apart.

Anyway, he arrived in the dead of night to his in-laws house, in a very wretched condition with cuts and bruises and totally naked. The servants of his in-laws house took him to be a cattle thief and punched and slapped him in order to get him to release the cows tail from his hold. Thus the blind man suffered unlimitedly.



Those who have ulterior motives take shelter of so-called gurus instead of a truly bona-fide spiritual master and ultimately suffer very badly like the blind man in his situation.

Any and every person cannot lead one to the Supreme abode of Godhead and no unauthorised to our true welfare. It is, therefore, obligatory that one should take shelter of a bona-fide Krishna conscious spiritual master without any hesitation.