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The Blacksmith and The Potter


In the village Bilaspur , there lived a blacksmith named Vamacacaran. once he  went to visit his friend who happened to be a potter in the village Haripur. Hoping to earn some appreciation from  his friend Vamacaran offered to assist to him in his work. The potter was very delicately using his hammer to give shape to some pitches and pots, while Valacaran, imitating him started hammering the other pitches and pots so violently that all of them were completely smashed.



The manner in which the blacksmith hammers iron to give shapes to it is not meant for a potter to model clay. The method and technique of both of then are entirely different. A materialistic worker usually develops a conception that the devotional service offered by a devotee for the satisfaction of the Lord is apparently and externally akin to sense - gratification material activities and as such they all belong to the same category.

   In fact, there is a real difference between the process and the manner in both such activities. So - called dispassionate material activities carry no intrinsic value unless they are favourable for the satisfactory devotional service to the Lord. An impersonalist worshipper of five elements, bereft of devotional surrender, will only create more harm than good than any pure devotee who is sincerely practising the delicate process of satisfying the Supreme Lord.