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Spitting Upward


A spoilt child once insisted that his parents should bring down the moon and the stars from the sky. However his parents tried hard to convince him that it is beyond one’s ability to even touch them, but the boy paid no heed to their words. Then the parents took the boy upon the roof of a very high skyscraper.  Finding even then that the moon and the stars were still beyond reach, the boy became furious with the sky and shouted at it saying, “Damn sky! Why do you have to hold the moon and the stars so high? Look how I will make you feel the evil consequences!”

   As he was cursing thus, the idiot boy started spitting up at the sky in great disgust, but obviously every drop  of his spit fell back in his face.



Those who prefer to blaspheme the highest order of the spiritual master and the Vaishnavas, are simply attracting utter disgrace upon themselves. As such, it is advised that all insignificant living entities should better try to take shelter of the spiritual master and the Vaishnavas in order to be assured of their own well being.