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Sleeping on the Bare Ground When the Bed is Broken


A man required a bed as dowry from his father-in-law. In fact, the bed was very cheap and he was thus treated. Very soon the bed was broken and the man, just to save his face started speaking like a renunciate in respect of his material loss. He decided to sleep on the bare ground thereafter. He also started preaching to everyone that every object of pleasure and comfort is temporary and we should renounce everything without a sense of false attachment.



True renunciation is not that one sleeps on the bare ground when the bed is broken. In fact, this reflects nothing but a motive for earning fame and appreciation for ones unusual activities. When an impersonalist or illusionist shows off his renunciation in this material world, he simple exposes himself to be in anger or deep attachment with those objects of apparent renunciation. He would have continued to enjoy those objects if they were of no trouble to him before.

   Pure devotees will never expose their spirit of renunciation in such a manner. They renounce everything for the satisfaction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Shri Krishna. They know very well that the Lord is the Supreme enjoyer and that no living entity should have any desire for enjoyment for his own sake. A pure devotee is ever satisfied with the remnants obtained from the Lord as his causeless mercy, and he is never unhappy or attached with any such object.