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Mercy for the Earnest Only


By chance a person slipped and fell into a deep well and could not get out in spite of all his efforts; therefore he began shouting for help.

   Being merciful, a very kind - hearted passer-by brought a piece of long rope which was lowered down in the well so that the man could get out by grabbing the rope. The passer-by asked the man to catch hold of the rope and try to climb up so that he could pull him up.

   In response the person started shouting, “O my friend, please help me so that I can put my fingers around the rope.”



Such a kind-hearted person is like the spiritual master or the Supreme Godhead Himself. He has already lowered a rope of rescue into the deep darkness into our ignorance. It is only by our earnest effort in catching hold of that mercy that we can be delivered and liberated from material agonies.

   Unless we extend out best efforts earnestly, and qualify ourselves for the Lord’s mercy, it is next to impossible that we can be rescued from our fallen condition.