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How Often does a Bald Man Go Under a Bael Tree ?


Once a shaven-headed man was going to market and happen to walk under a bael tree. By chance a big bael fruit fell on his head from his tree. It hurt him very much as he was shaven-headed. Next day, the same thing happen while he was passing again under the same bael tree. Thereafter, he never used to pass under that tree.

   After a few days, some of his friends were walking along with him on the same way and when they had to pass under that bael tree, the shaven-headed person refused to go that way, saying, “How often does a shaven-headed man visit a bael tree?” Similarly, no one having some bitter experience like to pass the same track in his life time.



A lot of people may not follow this very simple example while they suffer many times the same misery in this illusionary material world. They do seem to be as wise as the shaven-headed man in the story.

   An intelligent person comes to his senses from the very first bitter experience of illusionary suffering. One who frequently undergoes the same kind of misery, is nothing but an example of a most foolish entity.